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    NE - Morrill Co., NtvMale 1337UMNE, 20-25, may be Navajo RR worker, Jun'81

    Unidentified Native Male

    • The victim was discovered Spring of 1981 in Morrill County, Nebraska
    • Estimated Date of Death: 1979 or prior
    • Partial Skeletal Remains

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 20-25 years old
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Possibly Navajo.

    Case History
    The victim is suspected to be an itinerant railroad worker. Authorities have speculated that the man may have been one of about 80 Navajo who worked on a Union Pacific Railroad track crew in the Broadwater area for several months in 1979.
    No American Indian residents in the Morrill County area had been reported missing at the time, and the partial skeleton did not appear to match any missing persons reports.
    Only a partial skeleton was recovered, with no clothing or other materials.

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    Estimated age Adult - Pre 30
    Minimum age 20 years
    Maximum age 25 years
    Race Native American
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 64, Estimated

    25+ Bones were found including skull, some arm and leg bones, pelvic bones, ribs, shoulder blades and wrist bones.

    Probable year of death 1975 to 1980
    Manner and cause of death were not apparent: no anomalies noted. Remains were suspected to be 1 of 80 Navajo who worked on a Union Pacific Railroad track crew in Broadwater for several months in 1979.
    Samples did not render any STR results. The mtDNA profiles have been entered into CODIS and uploaded into the Texas SDIS to be uploaded to FBI's NDIS.

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    Gary Locklear has been excluded, per Namus.
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    Recently added to NamUs:

    Rudy Victor

    Was said to have been travelling from Denver to Canada which leaves a very good possibility he went through Nebraska.

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    Looks like the only rule out is Gary still... Was Rudy submitted ever?

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