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    Amazing Video - Army-Navy Half Time Show

    This is an absolute must-see! The video is about 8 minutes long, and worth every single minute of it! Trust me, you'll smile...if you don't, you're abnormal! Jkjkjk.

    Here's the link, just click on the video! These girls are nothing short of amazing!

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    Oh wow!

    That made me tired just watching it! Love the audience reaction at the end. They were awesome.

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    Fantastic! Amazing ... and uplifting. Thanks for the link.

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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    Wow, that was so cool. I had to watch it with my 4 year old daughter..she thought it was awesome!

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    Very cool - very talented young ladies! WOW!

    It is also very refreshing to see a half time show appropriate, inspiring, and fun that the WHOLE family could enjoy.


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    Tumbling, acrobatics and break dancing on steoids with jump ropes. Wow!!! They are fantastic!!

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    You were absolutely right, JG -- I enjoyed every minute of that vid...those girls were *awesome*!

    I've never seen anything like it -- thanks for posting this!!
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