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    Ebay prankster 'gets reply from cannibal'

    A man who put his body up for auction on eBay as a joke reportedly had a serious reply from someone claiming to be a cannibal.

    Daniel O'Dee from Salford posted the joke advert after a drunken dare, says the Sunand it was quickly removed by eBay staff.

    But he was then shocked to get an email from someone calling himself 'Donnie, the Hanover cannibal' offering 2,000 for a 'fresh corpse'.

    The emailer even claimed there was a syndicate of eBay users who helped fund the cost of buying corpses.

    Even after Mr O'Dee emailed back explaining that it was a joke, 'Donnie' replied saying he was disappointed.

    "I'm disappointed that is was your own body you were selling as I want one as soon as possible," the message read.

    "If you have any other access to a fresh corpse I would be interested. I guarantee that it will be more than a fair price."

    When Mr O'Dee did not reply to that email, he then received a death threat.


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    See, never give out your real email address to people you don't know....
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casshew
    "If you have any other access to a fresh corpse I would be interested.

    Alrighty then!

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