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    Quote Originally Posted by PatientOne View Post
    Harmony 2, I don't understand how aspirated blood could be found anywhere other than a victim's lungs, etc. Could you explain Dr. Lee's explanation a little more?

    Also, I've been under the impression that Annie died in G13 -- how could she have breathed in her own blood in G22? Does this imply a struggle that started in G13 continued in G22?

    ETA: Okay, I just read an account of Dr. Lee's explanation that Harmony referred to. While it was a controversial (and apparently unconvincing) theory in that particular case, I gather that if blood and saliva are present together, it may indicate that a victim coughed up some blood they'd breathed into their lungs or trachea. In Annie's case, I wonder if a mixture of blood and saliva simply leaked from her mouth in G22? In any case, if Annie's aspirated blood was found in G22 it seems to prove she -- whether dead or alive -- was in that room after suffering the trauma that caused her to breath in her own blood in the first place.
    Your description that I bolded and underscored is correct. In that case Chief Medical Examiner, John Butts stated there was not enough blood in the lungs to be aspirated. That was why Dr. Lee's premise was rejected.

    Butts also disputed earlier claims by defense witness Dr. Henry Lee that blood found in the stairwell of the Petersons' home could have been coughed up by Kathleen Peterson as she fell, instead of being spatter from a beating. Butts said there was not enough blood in her lungs at the time of the autopsy to indicate that.

    Butts said there was only one small portion of Peterson's lungs in which blood was present. He held up a slide to point out what he called "pin-head sized" specks in that one portion. Jurors passed the slide around, looking at it through a magnifying glass Butts had supplied.

    "In my opinion, there's no evidence of any significant aspiration of blood," Butts said. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/107086/
    The point I was trying to make is that, in this case, the spatter found could have been due to Annie coughing it up onto a nearby wall.

    It is described that way on page 25 of part one of the redacted search warrant:

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    Somewhat like the scenario Chanler depicted, I just read of a 10-yr. old Indiana boy whose 17-yr. old brother confessed to his murder, saying he strangled his younger brother, then moved his body into the kitchen to strangle him for 20 minutes more to make sure he was dead.

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