And we wonder why violent criminals walk free...with months or years lopped off their sentences. Oversights, I guess. You know, oops.

"The new law, which passed as part of budget cuts by the Legislature, made thieves, drug dealers and other lower-risk prisoners eligible for a 10 percent reduction in their sentences.

But lawmakers acknowledge they left more than a dozen serious crimes off the list of offenses that disqualify inmates from reduced sentences. So prisoners could get extra time off for crimes such as assaulting police officers, sexually abusing children or committing certain kinds of arson or robbery.

"I call it an oversight," Prozanski says. "Just like any major piece of legislation, we have now realized there are some crimes we intended to include that we are going to include."


"Prosecutors and victims rights advocates say the new law has freed violent criminals, clogged court dockets, reopened wounds for crime victims and appears to be a sneaky way of tampering with mandatory minimum sentencing laws."