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    Home for the Holidays.. a letter from Laura Recovery Center

    Home for the Holidays

    The Christmas season is a time of joy and happiness for all ages. Children wait with eager
    anticipation to open gifts, join with friends and gather with family. Individuals start to make
    goals, ready to take on a new year. What a wonderful time of year!
    For one mother in your community, however, Christmas is bittersweet. Melissa Baum will
    spend this holiday season without her daughter, Lindsey Baum, who disappeared on June 26,
    2009, from McCleary, Wa. Lindsey was only 10 years old when she disappeared without a
    Lindsey's mother has never quit looking for her daughter. She wants to be certain that no
    one else in the community stops looking either.
    No community should forget their own missing child; a family never will. Christmas is a
    season of hope. Bring hope back to life this holiday season for Lindsey's family by doing
    these simple things:
    ● Display Lindsey's poster in a public area.
    ● Talk about Lindsey to your friends and neighbors and share what you
    know about her.
    ● Encourage local law enforcement to continue their search.
    ● Pray for Lindsey to come Home for the Holidays.
    ● Never forget. Always hope!

    To print Lindsey's poster or to learn more about other missing children, visit the Laura
    Recovery Center website at www.LRCF.org.

    Contact: Sandy Stafford
    Laura Recovery Center
    Case Work Specialist
    December 7, 2009
    Email: sandystafford@lrcf.net
    Website: www.lrcf.org
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    Thanks JenniferO for starting this thread.

    And Thank You to friends at LRC who have never stopped supporting us and have helped us along in our search for Lindsey.

    We appreciate all of you, and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    Thank You Sandy!

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    bumping to make sure everyone reads it..

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    A huge THANK YOU along with deep appreciation to all the Lindsey volunteers! I am amazed at your dedication to finding Lindsey and I'm so glad to have shared in your trials and tribulations over the months.

    Because of your informative posts and incredible pictures, I feel as though McCleary is a part of my life...I have some understanding of the people and geographics of the town. The sensitive portrayal of Lindsey and mom Baum through pictures and posts has provided me much valuable insight.

    You are each, so brave, and continue to amaze me with your fortitude. Enjoy the upcoming holidays and know in your heart the peace of giving to others...for that is what you have earned through your caring actions and thoughts.

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    Please think long and hard before calling a child a 'run-a-way':
    You might be giving a 'perk' to the 'perp'.

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    A friend posted this on facebook and I just felt the need to post it here. It is a video for Missing Children Christmas 2009. I hope you all will watch it.

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    Thank you all so much for never giving up on Lindsey! I don't make it here as much because of my new duties on WS, but I think of you all and pray for you often!

    Where are you, Lindsey?

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