Please read these two stories out of Oregon today and tell me if you agree that there's a big problem with releasing known child porn addicts and rapists. Do any of us truly trust that Mr. Sceva will stay off the computer while he's wearing a monitor? How many times recently have we read about crimes committed while on "supervised release". Phillip Garrido and Joseph Gardner spring to mind. There are far too many to list.

"An Oregon man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession of child pornography while he was on supervised release for a previous conviction in Texas.

"A young Eugene man pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts of encouraging child sexual abuse for using the Internet to view and upload sexually explicit images of children."

"A March 2 sentencing date was set for 23-year-old Corydon Wesley Sceva (pronounced SEE-vuh.) He was arrested last month after the Oregon Department of Justice investigated a tip from America Online that someone used Scevaís AOL account in October to e-mail sexually explicit images of children.

..........postponing the sentencing would not tie up a scarce Lane County Jail bed because he has been working with officials to arrange discharging Sceva from the jail with an electronic monitoring device."