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    Perhaps it is definitely a male.

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    Authorities are saying it's unlikely it's Jonelle:

    My stomach had turned when I saw the news about remains found. Jonelle's case has haunted me since I first read about it. The first time I read about it was in one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books.....her mom wrote about trusting in God in the years after. I just find this one rather bizarre; not only the small window of time, but you usually don't hear about an abduction from the home.

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    Authorities say skeletal remains found by a worker in north Greeley belong to a 17-year-old boy who went missing in 2011.

    The Greeley Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/1xpFifw ) Trevor Craven disappeared Nov. 26, 2011. Two days later, his mother reported him to Greeley police as a runaway and told investigators that when she last saw him, he was distraught and possibly suicidal.

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    Thirty years.


    As detectives retire, Garner turns the case over to fresh eyes.

    “This one is hard because there haven’t been any details; there hasn’t been anything that would point a smoking gun, so to speak, in any one direction,” Garner said.

    Garner is hopeful a renewed call for information will conjure up details witnesses may have once thought unimportant. He suspects someone killed Matthews and may still be roaming free. “It’s bothersome, very bothersome,” Garner said.

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    I also think it is worth mentioning that Jonelle was big for her age and actually body wise looked closer to 14 or 15, even older. The garage door left open was how the person got into the house. The killer is most likely local. There were some other details not divulged to the press at the time: missing blankets, underwear and tights on the floor, missing gasoline, and missing comforter. The single set of footprints are the key to this, which tells me that Jonelle left that house either dead or incapacitated. Most likely incapacitated because why would they carry a dead body away with them? They would leave it there. Which is why I wonder if it was a neighbor in the area ( back then sexual predators were not profiled) or the government prostitution ring to which Johnny Gosch was involved in. I would think the former is the most viable solution because there are so many more female prostitutes out there available that they would not need to kidnap young girls for this purpose, whereas male young prostitutes were not common at the time. I feel Jonelle was killed the evening she was taken and was burned shortly thereafter in a very abandoned area, probably a garbage can or steel drum, and then he remains were buried, which makes me also think that her remains are long gone and will never be found. This was not a sloppy killer. The fact that NO fingerprints, or any other evidence was left at the scene is also an indicator. The person entering the house most likely said he was a friend of the fathers as well. I'm sorry but who the hell leaves the garage door of their house open when they leave, and then leave a kid alone at night, especially a female?

    QUOTE=mistagee;5753553]I knew one of the men who investigated on this case. The caller had nothing to do with the case, and had been investigated. Many many details are left out of the case. The rape theory is from the fact that the stockings and I think the underwear were also found at the scene. There was also a sign of a struggle there. I believe a blanket was also missing from the scene. Jonelle was either killed or incapacitated and then taken from the scene. The investigators knew this because there were only one set of footprints at the scene. The investigative techniques of the police department were good, but they didnt really have the insights they have today. There is a strong possibility that someone who saw her at the concert stalked her and followed her home. That is where I think the suspect came from.

    I think gasoline or lighter fluid were missing from the house or spilled around the garage and that is why the investigators felt she had been incinerated. It is kinda hard to burn soemone outside in the middle of winter, so I dont get this whole line of reasoning....

    There were many children kidnapped from Colorado, Iowa and other nearby states with no explanation. It may be a serial killer or even a government prostitution ring that Johnny Gosch was forced to be in. Or Jonelle was simply stalked and murdered by someone at the bank concert. That has always been my theory in this case.[/QUOTE]

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    I agree with you MysteryMaven - I think a neighbor watched her (have you seen The Lovely Bones?). However, not sure why someone wanting to be sneaky would leave that open. Maybe the father forgot to shut it when he left for the night?

    So a neighbor could have been watching the house and knew no one was home and saw the garage door open. Then they saw Jonelle get dropped off, and minutes later went in through the garage. My theory anyway.

    I truly hope no family members or friends were involved. Nothing worse to find out it was a family member or friend in various cases I've heard about.

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    Remembering Jonelle. This is the one case that I wish would be solved. She needs to be found and justice brought!

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    The Trail Went Cold podcast just featured the Jonelle Matthews case.

    As for the garage door being opened, it could have one of those sensors on the bottom where it will go back up the track if it senses an object or something in the way. It's a safety feature. So perhaps the dad hit the button to close the garage door as they were leaving and didn't notice that it went back up.

    Then he also may have left the door to go into the house unlocked, as many people do that. They assume the closed garage door will provide enough security.

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