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    The great white north

    Canada - Stanley Tippett for kidnapping, sexual assault, Peterborough, Ont, 2008

    PETERBOROUGH, Ont. Stanley Tippett's "far-fetched" tale of offering safe passage to a drunken 12-year-old girl, only to be carjacked by two armed men, failed Wednesday to sway a judge who convicted the married father of five of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his young victim.
    Tippett was arrested Aug. 6, 2008, just hours after the girl was found half-naked behind a school in Courtice, Ont., some 70 kilometres from where she was abducted in Peterborough.
    Ontario Superior Court Justice Bruce Glass, in handing down guilty verdicts on all seven counts, noted that Tippett "has a more than unique head structure" that allowed several people to positively identify him as the girl's abductor.
    "There's no disputing he was the driver of the van," said Glass, who found there was no truth in Tippett's testimony about the carjackers.
    Tippett, 33, suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare condition that causes cranial and facial deformities and can affect hearing, speech and breath.
    During the trial, Tippett testified that he came across a group of young drunken girls in south-end Peterborough and that two of them, including the 12 year old, got into his van. He told court he planned to take her to hospital but that minutes after dropping off the older girl he was carjacked by two men at gunpoint and ditched in the country.


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    Oh Pahleeeeeeeeeese. He should have been home with his five kids.

    Wah, wah he's got a mishapen head. Good thing that idntified him.Perv!

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    In the news today..
    This girl at age 16 was lucky that someone saved her in the nick of time...

    PETERBOROUGH, ONT. - A 35-year-old woman told court Tuesday that Stanley Tippett stalked her from a bus stop and forced a gun to her head during an assault in Toronto 19 years ago.

    "If the Crown is successful in having Tippett declared a dangerous offender, he could serve an indefinite prison sentence"

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    Stanley James Tippett, an Ontario man convicted in the abduction and sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl three years ago, should be kept in prison for an indeterminate period because his release would pose too great of a risk to the public, the Ontario Superior Court ruled Monday.
    "Society can only be protected and not at risk if he is sentenced to an indeterminate term," said Ontario Justice Bruce Glass.

    Stanley James Tippett was declared a dangerous offender Monday by an Ontario Superior Court. The father of five will face an indefinite jail term. Tippett, 35, was convicted in 2009 of seven charges related to the abduction and sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl in Peterborough, Ont.

    In a ruling read aloud for 45 minutes to a crowded courtroom, Glass called Tippett, 35, a pathological liar who has shown an escalating pattern of aggressive behaviour toward his victims.


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    October 2015:

    In a ruling released Monday, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld Tippett's conviction and indefinite sentence, rejecting arguments that non-jury trial judge Justice Bruce Glass erred in assessing evidence during a high-profile 10-day trial that heard evidence from 30 witnesses in 2009.

    Among the appeal grounds were assertions the Glass was incorrect in assessing credibility of witnesses, including the police officer that chased him, DNA and cell tower evidence.

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    I hope he never spends another day as a free man, that would be asking for trouble..

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    Oct 31, 2017 by Todd McEwen
    COBOURG - Convicted child predator Stanley Tippett was recently sentenced to 22 more months in jail for obstruction of justice.

    Tippett was sentenced on Oct. 19 in Cobourg Superior Court after he pleaded not guilty in February following a mistrial in 2013.
    Justice Drew Gunsolus presided over the Cobourg-based, judge-alone trial and had the task of determining whether Tippett was the author behind a series of letters detailing fabricated versions of evidence to help support his claims of innocence.
    Tippett’s "story" claimed Gentle met friends at Courtice Secondary School around 2 a.m. on Aug. 5, 2008, where a girl covered in a blanket was escorted out of a Ford Windstar minivan. (That was Tippett's vehicle, which had been abandoned in Oshawa and discovered by Durham police later that month.) The girl's "boyfriend" claimed she was a "wildcat" looking for a threesome and headed off into the bushes with the girl and another male.

    Gentle heard sex noises from the bush before police arrived and a chase ensued. The next day, Gentle learned that the minivan was stolen and was "shocked to hear it was a 12-year-old girl that was sexually assaulted" and an innocent man (being Tippett) was wrongfully accused.

    “I felt guilty,” the letter written by Tippett, posing as Gentle, read. “I know he’s innocent. He doesn’t deserve to be locked up in jail.”

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