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    FL - Three Preschoolers Injured Trying to Help Mom

    I'm just about speechless.

    Thank goodnes these little ones are ok. I hope they keep the perp where he belongs, away from his family!

    Bless those little ones,

    Deputies: Plant City kids injured trying to save mom from dad's attack

    PLANT CITY The kids watched their dad hold a knife to their mother's side. Then he punched her in the back, deputies said.

    That's when the three young children, all around preschool age, tried to stop him, said Hillsborough Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Debbie Carter.

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    Thank God the little ones are ok. That could've easily turned bad for them (especially with the threats to take them to Mexico, and him obviously having a violent temper). I'm so glad everyone in this situation is ok.

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    Unfortunately, he won't be in jail long enough. This arrest will make him even madder. I pray the mom will take her kids somewhere safe where he can't find them when he gets out.

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