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    Arrow Adopt a Greyhound-Time you put your money where your mouth is MA!

    Voters in our great state outlawed greyhound racing in 2008, and now Raynham Dog Track is in the unique position of being a giant adoption center for the former racing animals.

    The new organization is called Off Track Pets and they are reaching out all over New England to shelters etc in an attempt to get the animals transitioned into homes.

    I would take one in a hot second if I could have a dog in this apartment, lol!

    "Many historians feel that the greyhound originated in the “Cradle of Civilization,” also known as the Middle East, around 5,000 years ago. Since that time and through the years, the greyhound has coexisted with mankind as a hunter of food and as his companion by bed and fireside.
    The greyhound has also been an animal of the nobility for much of its existence, having been the favorite breed of the royal kennels of both Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Queen Elizabeth I of England. It is no wonder that Greyhound Racing has been called the “Sport of Queens.”
    The greyhound was first introduced to this country during the 1800’s and was used a coursing dog to help farmers control the jack rabbit population. Soon, this coursing became competitive and thus, the beginnings of the greyhound racing industry as we know it today."
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    Mary Hulman George has rescued many many greyhounds. Her father, Tony Hulman was the original owner of the Indy 500. She is not interested in getting new homes for any of her greyhounds, but will gladly put people in touch with organizations that will see if you are elgible to adopt one. The "house" where her dogs live is larger than mine, and fully heated and has A/C. They spend part of the time in Indiana and part in Florida.

    These dogs are lap dogs, sweet and gentle.
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