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    Custody Battle Launched Over Palin's grandson

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    I hate to see custody battles unfold, but if I was forced to pick one, I'd give sole custody to Bristol. Levi has developed into such a tool. I can't imagine his priorities being truly on his son, although I'd love to be surprised.

    Hopefully they can find a good compromise, but things have turned so acrimonious.

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    Well, we all knew this was coming....

    I think everyone (Levi, Sarah, and family) just needs to STFU and do what's best for this baby. I also don't think that this needs to be a matter open to the public.
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    One of the many times I have to ask myself - Who cares?????

    I certainly care about the well-being of the child but I don't give a flying crap about either of the parents. Obiously this was coming and I don't see it being newsworthy.

    (No offense to the OP!)

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    I agree with Bristol, this should be kept confidential for the sake of her son. Levi has already put enough of their business "out there", come to think of it Levi has put pretty much all "his business" out there hasn't he (Playgirl photo shoot)?

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