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    Important messages for 2010

    The information in the sticky area was getting long. My concern is that new information would get lost, so I merged three threads together for those who need to review issues from 2009.

    New information regarding the ins and outs of the Haleigh forum will be here.

    So, let's bring in the New Year by saying: You guys rock! This forum has been much easier to manage and I've enjoyed the new threads! Thank you!

    For some housekeeping info needing your help, please visit here: Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Happy New Year! Let's find HALEIGH!
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    MySpace and Facebook links:

    There are times when links can be approved. Let me know what you want to post and why first please. Thank you!

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    I just happened to bump into this and it is just perfect for us in 2010.

    Remember this if/when you're feeling stretched ~

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    WARNING: Any comments about WS members' opinions - past or present - of the players will result in a three day TO.

    We all know that there have been STRONG opinions on each side of the fence in this case for months. If someone's opinion was wrong, so what? All of us have been wrong before.

    Thank you.

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    Name calling of players in this case is subject to a TO. This includes news media. If you disagree with a report, feel free to express your disapproval, but the name calling is not allowed.

    ETA and FYI: There is a general thread in the members only forum about NG's show.

    Here's another thread about name calling: Name Variations and Name calling - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Remember, you are responsible for reading the guidelines.
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    JBean is one of our WS administrators. She recently opened this thread and I think it answers a lot of questions that we've had in this forum. Please take a minute and read her post and the comments when you can!

    Threadiquette - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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    Thankfully, I rec'd a couple of PMs today regarding off topic posts. It REALLY helps when I know that members have questions and what the issues are individually. Some still have not read the link above and I encourage you to read it if you are having problems.

    There are questions about the posts moved to the Parking Lot and that was due more to the subject matter than being off topic. RC's request for clean underwear and his chains were taking over a thread, so I opened a thread in the PL for those who wish to vent about it.

    Another question was about removed posts. I've removed few, most being in the two Q&A threads. If you can't find a post, look in the "Statistics" portion of your profile and you should be able to find it.

    Thanks again for contacting me for clarification!
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    Locals have been added to our professional posters list. You can see the list here: STICKIES - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    While you're checking that out, you might want to check out the rest of the sub-forum. There are some great resource tools in there to help your search for Haleigh.
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    We have a new thread for off topic pics and videos in this case in our members only area: Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Please be sure you read the guidelines on the opening post.
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    Naming Players

    As we receive more and more videos and audios of those arrested, we need to be mindful of the people they are naming. There was an incident where Ron says the owner of a business is a meth head and one of our locals said that can't be further from the truth. She is an affirmed local, so I believe her. If we didn't have her here and didn't have rules set in place, we could have innocently sleuthed this person in detail and that is not fair to him.

    We are NOT going to sleuth people just because their names come out on these tapes. That is not allowable anywhere else on WS and it is not allowed here. We have so many named players that sometimes it is easy to forget that WS has protective measures for the innocent parties involved in cases.

    If you aren't sure about how to handle information involving a non-named player, please ask me or Chicoliving.

    If you are not sure who the named players are, please ask us that in advance also. Another mod who is a great resource regarding named players is Grandmaj and many of the Scantastics. They have been dealing with the issue of who to name and who not to name for months and are used to it.

    Thanks everyone! Please pass this message around as I think there is a lot of confusion here.

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    For some reason, there are many members who are under the assumption that Art Harris' site is not allowed. It is allowed and you are allowed to talk about what he is reporting.

    And y'all don't have to call him "the bald guy".

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    Some of you may have noticed that I'm adding dates to the beginning of threads. Mods everywhere are doing this to make it easier for everyone to locate old information. WHEN this case goes to trial, we'll be wanting to pull up old threads, so please put dates on there when warranted. I'll be adding dates to old threads as time allows.

    Just keeping us all on the same page.

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    Please welcome GRANDMAJ as our mini-mod for Haleigh's forum!

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