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    OH - Karen Spencer, 17, Miami Township, 29 Dec 1989

    Missing Since: December 29, 1989 from Miami Township, Ohio
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: January 17, 1972
    Age: 17 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'1, 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, hazel/green eyes.

    Details of Disappearance

    Karen and her then-sister-in-law, Christy Spencer, were driving along Interstate 275 in Miami Township, Ohio on December 29, 1989. Karen and Christy had an argument regarding plans for Karen to move to Florida with her brother and Christy at approximately 3:00 a.m. that morning. Karen got out of the vehicle near the Madiera - Loveland exit on Interstate 275 at that time and began walking north. Christy drove away; Karen has not been heard from again.

    A woman driving the same night on Interstate 275 claimed that she offered a ride to a young woman fitting Karen's description sometime later in the early morning hours. According to the witness, the girl appeared to be cold and was walking along the road at a brisk pace and headed southbound. This would contradict Christy's statement, which said that Karen was walking in the opposite direction when she last saw her. The witness said that she pulled over to offer assistance to the girl. An unidentified young male in a red pickup truck with Kentucky license plates pulled in front of the girl on the shoulder of the road. The witness stated that the girl seemed to recognize the driver and smiled. The witness then drove away, assuming the girl received a ride from the male. It has not been established that the unidentified young woman was Karen. The woman did not come forward until 1990 when she saw Karen's photograph on television.

    The Spencer family dealt with a hoax regarding Karen's fate in 2000. A male caller claimed that Karen was buried in Kentucky; however, the story ended up being proven false and the man was charged with interferring with a police investigation. He was fined $500 and given a sentence of 45 days in jail.

    Karen has never been located. She is originally from Reading, Ohio and was a high school senior at the time of her disappearance. When she vanished she was carrying very little money; only $7 in cash and two paychecks totalling $23. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Investigators have a suspect in her case, but he has not been publicly identified. Her case remains unsolved.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Miami Township Police Department


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    Police Hope To Make Arrest In Case Of Girl Missing Since 1989

    It's been 20 years since a Reading High School senior disappeared, and police say they may finally have a suspect.


    The Clermont County Police say they've gone as far as they can with the case, and hope an arrest will come soon.

    However, they're not yet giving a name.


    After 20 years, is arrest imminent?

    "A suspect has been developed," said Detective Bill Paul, who began working the case in Clermont County's Miami Township shortly after the Reading High School senior went missing. She had argued with a relative, stepped out of a car and vanished into the fog along Interstate 275 around 3 a.m. Dec. 30, 1989 - 20 years ago today.


    Paul said the suspect was identified by reworking old leads, and charges could be imminent.


    Justice May Be Near For Woman Who Disappeared In 1989


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    OH-Karen Spencer, 17, Cincinnati area MSG SINCE 1989


    30 Dec 09

    It's been 20 years since a Reading High School senior disappeared, and police say they may finally have a suspect.

    Karen Spencer was 17 when she vanished from the side of I-275 near Montgomery Road on December 30, 1989. Her disappearance followed an argument with a relative.

    The Clermont County Police say they've gone as far as they can with the case, and hope an arrest will come soon.

    However, they're not yet giving a name.
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    More information about possible suspect


    28 Dec 09

    Retiring detective Bill Paul believes he's talked to that person. Paul's interviewed hundreds of people. But the case keeps coming back to one man. The man admits he saw Karen as she walked along the highway and he knows a lot about the case.

    "He knew things about case never revealed out of of this police station, the facts could only come from one source."

    And the possibility for justice even after 20 years? "I think its going to happen in the near future."

    much more at link
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    New Clues May Solve Mystery of Missing Girl


    Last Update: 1:13 pm
    New Clues May Solve Case Of Missing Teen From 20 Years Ago

    The disappearance of 17 year old Karen Spencer has led to 20 years of her parents' grief and investigators' frustration. That may soon end. A prosecutor is finding new meaning in old clues. Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us a grand jury may sort out the evidence.

    A red 1982 Dotsun B-310, red in color, is what a mustached young man said he was driving when he stopped on I-275 to see if two girls needed help. It was about three in the morning on December 30th, 1989.

    Karen Spencer had just gotten out of her sister in law's car near the Loveland Maderia exit because the two were arguing. Karen walked south. Did she accept a ride with the stranger in the red car... a car that disappeared the next day? Her father, Richard Spencer, thinks so. "That might be her casket. We don't know."

    Clermont County Prosecutor Daniel Breyer knows the stories the Dotson driver told over the years don't add up. Police stopped considering him a suspect when he passed a polygraph, or did he? Now, FBI profilers have taken another look. "Behavioral scientists now say he did not pass he was manipulating the test. If they had those tracings they would have said he failed."

    A friend told police the suspect talked about the girl who went missing from I-275, hours before Karen Spencer was even reported missing. "We're curious what would make him think something happened to her."

    And there's something else. Karen's sister in law said she blew off the Dotson driver's offer to help and she never saw him again. So why when questioned by police did he know the subject matter of the argument between Karen and her sister-in-law. Did Karen tell him? Diane Spencer is Karen's Stepmother: "She would not have been an easy victim. She would never have been submissive. She would have fought with everything she had."

    Whatever happened that morning, the Karen Spencer case is a murder investigation which could end up going to a grand jury. So far this is a circumstantial case: evidence is presented then to a jury, which is asked to use its common sense. Here's how its explained. If you leave a cake on the table, and go to bed, come down the next day, a piece is missing and your daughter has chocolate on her face, it is circumstantial evidence she at the cake.

    Like the Carrie Culberson case, evidence does not include a body. Prosecutors didn't need it to convict Carrie's killer of murder. Prosecutor Daniel Breyer doesn't think he needs a body either. "I don't believe I'll have trouble convincing a jury she's dead, the task here is to convince a jury who did it."

    Who did it? After 20 years the family feels its closer than ever to finding out. "It's about time."

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    I can't fine any update for this case? Did anything else come out of it?

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    I must say the eye witness will play a huge roll i would think in this case....
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    Karen Spencer: Parents say 17-year-old who disappeared in 1989 is dead and they know who killed her
    They need someone to come forward with evidence
    FLORENCE, Ky. - A family says they know who is responsible for their daughter’s disappearance 25 years ago, but they need your help to put him behind bars.
    Karen Spencer was 17 when she vanished on a stretch of I-275 in Miami Township, Ohio, in 1989.
    The Spencers say there are conflicting reports from police whether the man passed or failed a lie detector test. That suspect, who was never charged, was supposed to remain a secret.
    Richard: "But we do know."
    The Spencers are pleading for the public to come forward with something solid that will bring closure to a mystery a quarter century old.
    "Somebody out there knows something," Diane said.
    video and more at link.

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    Here are her links. Really hope they can nail that guy. Sounds like she walked one way then turned around to walk the other way. Gonna show this one to my daughter who says let me out. One guy let her out over by where Autumn Pasquale was killed; a week before that happened.

    Shared the article on Never Forget Me
    The Doe Network: Case File 56DFOH
    NamUs MP # 2956
    NCMEC http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/734269/1
    Charley Project http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...cer_karen.html

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    What happened to teen girl who vanished on I-275 in 1989?


    Karen Spencer disappeared two weeks before her 18th birthday in 1989. Her body was never found, but the lead detective on the case said he's interviewed Karen's killer multiple times.

    And authorities know where he is.

    So why hasn't he been charged? That's the question Karen's family has asked for 28 years.

    "The former prosecutor told us they could get an indictment for the guy and probably a conviction, but they didn't want to press it (without more evidence) because there's no statute of limitations on murder," Karen's dad, Richard Spencer, said. "And now the years have gone by and it seems like nobody cares anymore.

    "It feels just as fresh as in '89 when it happened."
    Lt. Greg Jenkins is in charge of the investigations division in Clermont County. While the case is open, it has an inactive status, Jenkins said.

    "We have a suspect. We had this suspect back then, but we need assistance to help break the case," Jenkins said. "We've asked the public to provide us with any tips in the case."

    The suspect was interviewed multiple times, Jenkins said, but the evidence was never strong enough to ensure a conviction or confession. The suspect admitted to speaking to Karen, which would make him the last person to see her alive. However, he never said Karen got in his car -- the red sports car.

    Paul and Jenkins wouldn't identify the suspect or give details they said could jeopardize the investigation. They did, however, tell the I-Team the suspect is a man who was in his early 20s at the time of the murder. In 1989, he was recently discharged from the military, Jenkins said.

    The suspect isn't in jail and has a clean criminal record, Jenkins said.
    Paul said he knows "without a doubt" who killed Karen.

    "He knew information only the killer would know," he said. "There were certain points of the case that were never released, and he had knowledge of them."

    Paul said he's sifted through every detail in the case of the past two decades. He showed interview tapes to the FBI. He said they all agreed he found Karen's killer.

    "If you knew what I know, you'd have no doubt," Paul said.

    Karen's family members said a prosecutor asked them at one point if they would accept a lesser charge against the suspect if he told police where Karen's body is. They replied "absolutely."

    "I just want them to care enough about it to do something," Richard said. "We want closure."

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