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    Raven Abaroa on Twitter under Blakpijeon

    Interesting find:


    Raven Abaroa on Twitter under the name Blakpijeon & BlakPijeon Music


    Tweets: "BlakPijeon Music: How many times must I be hurt by two-faced individuals? Their numbers are increasing and sadly, are become more common in society."

    I've never read this blog before and got behind on my Google Alerts, but I had to laugh at this.

    What I find really interesting is some girl named Melissa (which so happens to be the name of his girlfriend) seems to be defending Raven.

    The first response response to this blog is "Melissa said... If he did it, the timeline makes no sense. Unless he was wearing a total cover up plastic suit.
    11:16 AM, December 30, 2009" Well, after the entire blog this is quite the opening, the first thing she brought up?

    The timeline of course does not make sense, because Janet's body was not viewed by the ME for over 36 hours and Janet would have had to have been murdered before Raven left for soccer even based on the rigomortis at the scene of the crime. She was blue, she wasn't even bleeding, this is Rave's own words.

    He had plenty of time to dispose of, change, clean up. Period.

    Melissa says: "Raven as oppossed to the other ones shows actual emotion. In his interview he admits it may be because of something he did. And the timeline is SO slim."

    Actual emotion? My dog shows more "actual" "real" "non-narcissistic" emotion when I sneeze than Raven did during that video lol.

    Melissa says: "I just watched 3 hours on video on this case. I think the embezzlement may be a way to look too. His 2 hour vid, he seems truly upset. Unlike Scott or Josh.

    Or maybe he embezzeled to murder his wife? There was no insurance so really."

    Sorry Melissa, There was a life insurance policy taken out on Janet, $500,000 to be exact lol. He cheated on Janet, embezzled, and basically cheated on Janet the entire marriage.

    What is even more hilarious is he's trying to pass him self off as a musician.

    May this year bring Justice for Janet, her unborn child and all the family and friends of both families because it truly isn't right he keeps bringing more and more women into his hell.
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