Josh Powell back in Utah but for how long?

.... One neighbor particularly wanted to talk to Josh and take back the swing set he made for Susan and the boys. He was greeted by Josh's brother Micheal who instead of helping him get the play set called 911 to report Tim Petersen for trespassing.

Petersen told Micheal, "This whole thing was for Susan and the kid's enjoyment. Now Susan's gone. Did you happen to notice that Susan's gone? Because I don't see you guys doing anything about it. Susan's gone. And he just gave me a blank look like Josh has done."

Petersen says he's frustrated that Josh is going to live with his father to "hide" in a gated community in Washington.

Petersen tells ABC 4 he's tried to be supportive of Josh but his story of taking his two young boys camping in the middle of the night and the fact that he's not helping or cooperating with police just isn't adding up. Petersen also said that a day or two after Susan disappeared his wife asked Josh about his whereabouts and he said, "Well, it's not like I stabbed her." Petersen said he couldn't believe he would make a comment like that.

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