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    I really don't think Tammi & Jack are into brokering babies or providing a surrogate service. I think this woman wanted a baby. I think she ran and responded to ads online, relied on word of mouth through friends, and eventually met up with our lil' nut case EJ. I think she probably mentioned to EJ that they had adopted and were looking to adopt again and maybe she told Elizabeth if she knew anyone considering adoption to please pass her card along to them. EJ probably told her that she was considering it and there the friendship begins. Then EJ fills Tammi & Jack full of crap about Logan and they swallow every bit of it, they really believed her. I believe Tammi did help her leave AZ with Gabriel and helped her find the underground through a church or women's shelter. I don't know if Tammi sent EJ away to hide Gabriel or to place him for adoption with another family but my guess is that she sent her away as a ploy to get Logan to sign those dam adoption papers. When that backfired I think EJ went through the shelter underground and placed Gabriel for adoption. I do think that the friend in Tenn...Janet Morris helped facilitate the adoption.
    I don't think Tammi knows where Gabriel is but I think she knows how he got to where he is and that is what is going to send her to jail. All jmo of course.
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