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    Baby Dies After Swallowing Watch Battery


    HAMILTON, Ohio -- A 13-month-old boy is dead after his parents say he swallowed a watch battery

    Aidan's parents knew something was wrong when their son began having trouble eating, and they soon learned it was because he'd swallowed a battery the size of a dime.

    "It's not just the acid – it's the current passing through the tissues," Lonnie Truett said.

    The combination caused severe bleeding that eventually led to the boy's death.

    "I did CPR, I did my best, but he was going very quick," Michelle Truett said.

    More at the link

    My heart just breaks for this family. Who would've known a watch battery could do so much damage.

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    Hearing aids batteries can also be a danger for both children and pets.

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    ummm so how'd he get hold of the battery?

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    Very sad. Who knows how he got ahold of it, but my guess is that it must have fallen out of someone's watch without them realizing it or it was laying around and he was crawling around, found it, and put it in his mouth. I had no idea they were so dangerous to children and pets either! You have to be SO CAREFUL!

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    Poor baby, my neice did the exact, same thing when she was a 7month old. Luckily she was hospitalised and survived.
    Prayers for that family...

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    There was something in the media similar to this, or on a tv show, not too long ago... I remember reading about it.

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    I remember it too Elphaba. I think in that case it was a little girl. Kids can find and get into anything, just like pets. You think you have something put away out of reach and sometimes they can still find a way to get it.

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    Here is the some of the chemical makeup of a battery:

    Button or watch batteries used to be made up of mercury...it was outlawed, but depending on the age of the battery or where the battery came from, it is tough to say of course.
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    Wow, I have never heard of them being so hazardous.
    I would have guessed it would pass right through like so many other items that get ingested during childhood.

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