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    NY - Christopher Dansby, 13 mos, New York, 18 May 1989

    Date Of Birth: March 30, 1987
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 2 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 2'6; 30 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Black male. Black hair; brown eyes.
    Marks, Scars: Dansby has a figure-eight ("8") shaped birthmark on his neck.
    Clothing: A floral-print shirt; blue jacket; jeans; and blue and white sneakers.

    Missing Date: May 18, 1989
    Age Now: 18
    Missing City: NEW YORK CITY
    Missing State : NY
    Case Number: NCMC724088


    Charley Project

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    Off the grid, LOL.

    Wow!!! Another boy, Shane Walker went missing 3 months later from the same area of the same park. They were both last seen playing with the same kids, a 10 year old girl and her 5 year old brother. They both went missing in the early evening hours of a Thursday. They both lived in the same apartment complex.

    Shane Walker's mother said Shane was sitting on a bench with her eating potato chips, and the two children walked up and asked if Shane could play. Then a man sat down next to her and started talking about crime, how things can happen to children, and even mentioned kidnapping. He said he'd been in a lot of fights and had a lot of scars. When Shane's mother, Rosa Glover turned to look at the scars, and turned back around, the children were gone. She found the other 2 children re-entering the park through a hole in a wire fence. The children said they left Shane in the park.

    I'm going to look for a thread for Shane so I can post this there too.
    Really eerie story and a good read with lots of info.
    There is always HOPE!!!

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    Video of Christopher's story on Nancy Grace America's Missing:


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    I really think those kids should be interviewed again today as adults and see if they remember anything. People have been known to use kids to kidnap other children before.


    They both have such darling smiles.

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    Etan Patz is Not Alone: 15 Missing Child Cases in NYC Remain Unsolved


    A few months before Shane's disappearance, 2-year-old Christopher Milton Dansby was snatched from the same Harlem playground. He, too, has never been found.
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    I strongly feel that Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker (AND Andre Bryant) are still alive and in different states. How do these children get through the education system with no birth certificates and social security numbers? How are they able to get IDs and passports and jobs with these unproven, made up names and birth dates? Don't say it's NOT possible and they must be dead; Nejdra Nance/Carlina White did it. It's MIND blowing. These cases could have been solved much earlier if the schools and systems contacted the appropriate authorities about these unproven identities. I wholly believe that Christopher Dansby, Shane Walker, and Andre Bryant, missing since 1989, have been been raised by abductors and are ALIVE.


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    He came on my mind today. So sad. He's alive but he may never know the truth.

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