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    Watch Kesse's & Smolinski's testify in DC 2morrow

    The Smolinski's and Kesse's will be testifying in DC tomorrow. Their testimony will be in support of improving systems for locating the missing and more specifically to ask the subcommittee that's currently reviewing HR3695, The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law) to recommend it pass into legislation.

    The session is slated to begin at 10:15AM. You can tune into the session by going to this link http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/calendar.html and clicking on the "Watch Video Broadcast" bug!

    A large push has been in play to get the subcommittee members who sit on this group to attend - they are not required even though you'd hope they'd make it a priority...

    Please contact your federal congressman and ask that they co-sponsor this bill if improving systems for locating the missing and unidentified is important to you. If you do not have the name of your federal congressman, I can let you know who it is. I also have an excel spreadsheet with the names of all congressman and their direct phone numbers. BTW, there are 425+ US Federal congressman - we've managed to get close to 15 to commit to co-sponsoring. If the bill doesn't pass, it is not for lack of trying - it is for lack of momentum and public outreach assistance to say 'We have had it and we want human beings to take priority'.

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    Want to Make a Difference? Here's Your Chance! Click HERE to Support Help Find the Missing Act - Billy's Law

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