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    North Carolina

    NC - Julianna Mathews, 14, killed, mom injured, Louisburg, 19 Jan 2010

    Happy New Years

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    It does seem like NC has had it's share of crime lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teonspaleprincess View Post
    I just posted a similar story that happened in Idaho. Luckily, that girl lived.

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    His sister is sleeping and he just jumps on her and starts stabbing her?

    Mother said he had some level of mental capacity issues.

    A little 14 year old. She had her whole life ahead of her.

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    And what is it with older brothers and little sisters? This case actually sounds different to me than the one in Idaho. I suspect that some sexual abuse issues are going to surface in the Idaho case (more than already have). The NC case sounds like a mental break. I hate to sound like a broken record but I wonder if this kid was on psychotropics. The body assimilates them very differently as kids age and they need frequent monitoring. No major studies have been completed on modification of brain chemistry due to long term use. Teens are notorious for not disclosing side effects or intrusive, homicidal or suicidal thoughts. This can lead to disaster.

    I know from personal experience how challenging some kids' behaviors can be and that some meds are literally life savers. Too often, though, there's just not enough oversight. For this boy to suddenly snap like that, something is going on. Here's an excellent article on the increasing use of heavy duty anti-psychotics and mood stabilizing drugs in children. It's really appalling. I was especially bothered by the alliance of the doctor with the pharmaceutical companies. We honestly don't know what these drugs are doing to our kids' brains and that worries me greatly.

    "The number of children aged 2 to 5 who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prescribed powerful antipsychotic drugs has doubled over the past decade, according to research released on Friday. The research suggests that while it is still rare to prescribe powerful psychiatric drugs to 2-year-olds, the practice is becoming more frequent."


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    From October 2011:


    A Franklin County man who admitted to stabbing his 14-year-old sister to death and stabbing his mother was back home on Thursday after state psychiatrists found he committed the crimes while he was sleepwalking...

    Joseph Bravio Mendez was accused of stabbing his mother, Lydia Etanislao, about 20 times while she was sleeping and stabbing and killing his sister, Julianna Mathews...

    Mendez pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and assault... Mendez is on probation for the next three years and must continue to have mental health evaluations. His family said he is now on medication for depression.

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