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    Hundreds of victims unclaimed, buried unceremoniously in Juarez

    Hundreds of victims unclaimed, buried unceremoniously in Juarez

    JUAREZ -- Hundreds of murder victims in this ravaged city are all but forgotten......

    About 200 people who died violently last year ended up in paupers' graves at San Rafael. .....

    "These are people who are not originally from here and do not have family here. ... In the majority of cases, not even friends come forward to say, 'This is John Doe.' "


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    I lived in El Paso for 2 years.
    I didn't feel safe there, and I only went to Juarez twice, never alone.
    I will say, though, that the "skeeve" and lawlessness is almost palpable once you cross over the bridge...
    This is sickening and so very sad...

    P.S. Soldiers stationed at Ft. Bliss are allowed to purchase and drink alcohol on post at age 18 so the temptation to cross the border to drink won't be as strong. The police in Juarez have been known to do some ungodly things to soldiers, and Americans in general.
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