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Tommy's birthday was a few days ago. He would have turned 15 years old He should be getting his learners permit and enjoying high school. I am saddened there has been no resolution in this case.

Who is fighting for justice for Tom and Shirlee? (other than us sleuths) I wonder sometimes.

In my last posting I mentioned County Attorney Kleine's office. I understand that there is some unhappiness with them on part of local LE due to the perceived slowness of his staff to give a go-ahead on charges on some cases. It may be they are obsessed with a perfect conviction record that they insist on filing charges when there is a 99% chance of success. For all we know information could have been submitted on MB or some other suspect long ago and is sitting there while they demand more proof, etc.
It may be interesting if our astrologers can see anything blocking resolving this case and if so where the blockage is?