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The hmmm to me is how TS has never mentioned this part of the call about EJ saying look at 3 people that are out of the country, Until today when we find out that the LE have a witness that is saying 3 people seen with EJ, a Big Hmmmm,
The Monday after the last phone call that EJ had with TS, TS was on FB, and she is on my friends list... anyway I had just read the newspaper article about her phone call when she signed on... so I "im'ed" her and ask her what the phone call was about because the news cilp was so short and she had mentioned it was almost a 30 min call. she had told me that EJ was "fixtated" on 3 people from out of the country that had messaged her on FB. I asked her if that made sence to her cause how did EJ see her FB page or messages cause last I checked she was in jail and she didnt have access to FB. TS said it was because when she went to the jail to visit her she told her it was a nationwide search????? I have been bothered by this since then, I did let proper people know after I thought about it all day at work, and I have been checking out all her friends on her page since ( there is alot of them ) looking for who it could have been that she was refering to. there are people from Mexico that fit discription the EJ gave to TS but who knows