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    Thumbs up German man saved on frozen sea by webcam spotter

    BERLIN Watch the sunset, save a life.

    A woman admiring the sunset on a tourist webcam in northern Germany spotted a man who was lost on the frozen North Sea and probably saved his life by alerting authorities, police said Wednesday.

    The man had climbed over pack ice off the coast to photograph a sunset near the town of St. Peter-Ording, then became disoriented on the ice, Husum police spokeswoman Kristin Stielow said.

    Unable to locate the beach, the man began using his camera to flash for help. That got the attention of a woman hundreds of miles (kilometers) away in southern Germany who was watching the sunset over the sea on her computer.

    The woman contacted police, who located the man's signals and guided him into shore by flashing their car lights. Officiers then lectured him on the dangers of trekking on the ice.


    Praise the Lord for what has to be a miracle!

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    A miracle indeed!!

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    Very cool story!

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