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    Thumbs down Faces of Meth: Before and After

    Hi all! I didn't know where I should put this but figured in the "bizarre" section might be appropriate considering it is quite "bizarre" to me how these people can do this to themselves. I've never seen this before and knew meth was bad but I am in shock as to the significant and drastic damage the drug does to people. It's very sad.


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    You could not even fathom what this drug does to you - in addition to changing how your look.

    So often times it happens that we live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key. ...Eagles, "Already Gone"

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    Thank you for the link Lucy's mom. It's very sad how badly some of these people's looks have changed.

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    So sad to see people destroying themselves for drugs.

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    Omg, this is so scary.

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    This is so heartbreaking.

    You know drug addiction is a HUGE epidemic.

    What really makes me angry are the judgemental people who think that people can pull themselves up and get well without help.

    It can happen but it is rare. We are a compassionate people. We need to help drug addicts if we want to stop the addiction and all the crime that goes with it.

    NOW, if someone commits a crime on drugs that is still no excuse and they need to be prosecuted strongly. The first thing we need is a safe society and society can't be safe if we are too soft on crime.

    It just seems like we should be able to get help for people who have addiction problems. I am guessing the people in this picture do not have insurance to help them through this.

    Drugs are always a symptom of something deeper.
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    they post faces of meth posters in jails here
    they're pretty disturbing to me but I think the inmates see it so much that the posters might not have the impact on them that it does on me

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    Wow. I'm going to show this to my teenagers. Thanks for posting!

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    Thanks for this, sad and shocking and a good reminder of what drugs can do. Was the high really worth it?

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    This will show my complete ignorance when it comes to drugs, but can anyone tell me why meth seems to always leave such horrible scabs on people's faces?

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    Quote Originally Posted by poco View Post
    You could not even fathom what this drug does to you - in addition to changing how your look.
    Steal from your own mother. Leave your kids home alone for days at a time. Mug elderly ladies.

    I've seen these pics before as they've been around for some time. Each time I see them I think "I wish they could take a picture of these people's souls as well and post them".

    You can get false teeth, you can eat healthy and get your weight back up, you can lose all those huge abcessy craters under your skin at some point, BUT you can never take back the degradation you've put upon yourself and the people who love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justbeachy View Post
    This will show my complete ignorance when it comes to drugs, but can anyone tell me why meth seems to always leave such horrible scabs on people's faces?
    I believe that people tend to "pick" at themselves when they are using.

    I showed this to my kids when they were in middle school. I thought that it was a pretty shocking visual, but also very real example of what drugs can do to someone.

    I can't believe what this does to peoples teeth. They call it "meth mouth".
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    I've seen these pictures before. It truly is a terrible drug. My husband has a friend that got hooked on meth. He was a college graduate with a successful contracting business, building luxury homes. Now he is homeless and relies on the mercy of his relatives to take him in. My husband had to cut ties with him because he started asking for money. Plus we didn't want him around our children. He was a good person and I am so sorry for him. I don't know where he is or how he is doing. I'm not sure he is even still alive.

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    Meth also destroys parts of your brain. People lose their souls, truly. My sister was an addict for about 6 years. She didn't have the scabs but she lost alot of weight and looked horrible. She would have sold my children's souls to the devil for another hit at that time.

    It was so heartbreaking for my parents since she would stay up for days then take xanax to sleep for days at a time without even getting up to eat or anything. When she lived with them my dad would say he would try and wake her by knocking on her door and he would think she was dead on the other side and would have to break the door in. Each time she was arrested and put in jail was the only time my parents felt like they could sleep at night since they knew where she was and would be safe. She hurt so many people and escaped death so many times.

    She has been clean for about two years now and is a mother. That is what did it for her. But she always tells me "I will always be in recovery" "I cannot EVER forget I am an addict."

    I believe alot of addicts, my sister included, are self-medicating mental illnesses such at anxiety and/or depression.
    The above post is as always MY OPINION ONLY!

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