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    Gabriel's Development & Milestones

    OK, I know this is a little bit different for a thread topic. The reason I started this thread is because 2 days ago, Gabriel turned 9 months old. But he is now widely known as the missing 8 month old Baby Gabriel. The first year of a baby's life, they go through so many changes, and they learn new things constantly. I wanted to start this thread to TRY to keep track of some of the new changes Gabe might be going through, new milestones he might be meeting. Some of these things might be important for people to keep in mind when keeping an eye out for a baby matching Gabriel's description. I don't expect this thread to be of great help in finding Gabriel, but it can't hurt to keep in mind that Gabriel is changing SO fast right now. The pictures we've seen of him, he is less than 8 months old. More than a month has already passed.


    Key points:
    For the next few months, seperation anxiety is usually at it's peak in 9 month old babies.
    At 9 months, babies have learned to recognize their normal surroundings and when in strange places, they may act clingy or cranky.

    At 9 months many babies start to become opinionated (about things such as what foods they want to eat, what toys to play with, etc.)

    During this period your baby will probably learn to creep, crawl and otherwise get around the room. He or she may even pull up in the bed or on furniture and begin "cruising" around the room.
    Responds to his or her own name. (Gabriel probably knows his name, and if being called something else, would not likely respond to it yet.)
    Understands a few words such as "no-no" and "bye-bye."
    Begins developing certain concepts - for example, your child will retrieve a toy after he or she watched you put it under a blanket.
    May say "dada" or "mama" but not specifically.
    Sits well independently.
    Bangs two toys together.
    Plays interactive games well such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.
    Perhaps the most striking developmental achievement is the use of fingers and thumb to poke, pry, probe and pick up smaller and smaller objects.
    Sleeps through the night except for an occasional night wakening.
    The 9-month-old has now learned to be "cool" or even a little afraid of certain strangers - even family members he or she does not see very often. The baby of this age also begins to take a dim view of being examined by their doctor.
    Often has one or both bottom front teeth. (Gabriel MIGHT be getting teeth in at this time.)

    ETA: I hope other parents will contribute to this.
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    I'm very concerned about Gabriel's situation. My son had to see his Dr. every 2 months until he was 9 months old, and now he doesn't have to go again until his 1st birthday. At 8 or 9 months, they typically receive the last of their immunizations until they are 12 months. At 12 months, they receive more immunizations including their MMR.
    Since Gabriel went missing before 8 months, I'd wager a guess that he is overdue for some of these immunizations already.
    The immunizations don't concern me as much as the thought that his progress is not being followed by a Dr. The first year is SO important on many levels. Dr's chart the child's growth patterns based on their own curve and also what would be normal for a child their age. They watch to make sure they are growing in length, weight, and head size properly. If the baby is not following his/her curve properly, it can be an indicator of different problems that should be looked into. They also keep an eye on nutrition and things like if they have good fat layering, if they are on par with their milestones, etc.

    Gabriel went missing at a time when many babies start having seperation anxiety, are learning object permanence (meaning they know a person or object still exists even though they can't see it), and tend to become clingy to one or both parents. I'm concerned about how this has effected him mentally and emotionally.

    Some other milestones that Gabriel may be meeting now:
    Standing for seconds at a time, or pulling himself to a standing position.
    Cruising or even first steps
    First Words or even 2 to 3 words strung together
    Repeating words over and over
    Pointing when he wants something, or even pointing out objects or people when you name them.
    He may become anxious and fussy around strangers or people he doesn't see often.
    He may become clingy to one chosen person.
    He may be able to clap his hands together or even join in games such as Patty Cake.
    He should be able to move objects back and forth between his hands.
    He may have a favorite toy that he likes to have with him at all times and may get very upset if this toy is taken away or missing.
    Since he was teething at the time he went missing, he could be receiving a 2nd or even 3rd set of teeth at this time. Teeth usually break through in pairs and generally after the first teeth break through, more teeth will appear every 1 to 2 months thereafter.

    As to foods, I'm not sure because he wasn't started spoon feeding until December while he was with the Smith's. But a typical baby his age would be on 3rd stage baby foods, which have small chunks in them, as well as some table foods, snacks etc. A typical baby his age would be well on his way to feeding himself, and enjoying using his new pincer grasp on things like Cheerio's, Gerber Crunchies, small diced vegetables or fruits, etc.

    Formula should still be his #1 form of nutrition until at least 12 months, but he should be receiving 3 solid feedings a day with snacks in between.

    He should also be comfortable using a sippy cup at this time.
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    I know exactly what you mean NewMommy, my son just turned 6 months on Monday, and had his Dr. appt. the same day. Everyday he is doing something new that just makes my heart smile, but I think I G alot at those times and worry so much about him. My son is also just starting to get separation anxiety with me and his daddy, and I have just cried when I think about G going through the same thing when EJ handed him off to strangers. I know LM is going to have so much catching up to do when he gets G back with him, I pray that day comes soon!

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