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    OR - Tyler Jackson for child abuse, Medford, 2010

    Folks, this one cuts very close to home and hurts terribly. I know of this young man just peripherally through one of my sons. He lives in the next town north. You can find him on MS easily. Study the photos carefully. I don't see ANY red flags at all. This young man looks very much like a devoted boyfriend and proud father. I know he has a support system. If you look at the photos in front of the fountain and by the creek, that's only a couple blocks from my house. Smack dab in the middle of a town which is totally child focused and filled with services for the asking. Looking at the photos just kill me as this could be one of my lovely boys. How did he end up hurting his baby girl so terribly? How?


    Critically injured Medford infant is sent to Portland
    The child's father is charged with second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment

    Medford baby is in critical condition in a Portland hospital and her teenage father is in Jackson County Jail, suspected of causing her injuries.

    Tyler Alexander Jackson, 18, was arrested Monday on charges of second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment hours after emergency help was requested for a 9-week-old infant who had stopped breathing.

    "Thee 9-1-1 call for help came from a home in the 400 block of Marie Street at about 11:45 p.m. Sunday, said Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen.

    Hansen said police were first to arrive at the home and focused on getting the child medical attention. But as they approached the house, two pit bulls came at them.

    One officer distracted the family's dogs, allowing the other officer to run into the home, grab the baby girl from Jackson's arms and race to a waiting ambulance, said Hansen.

    "We call that a 'scoop and run,' " said Hansen, adding that the move is standard police procedure designed to get an unconscious child medical attention as quickly as possible."

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    I can't hardly stand this anymore!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLostGrl View Post
    I can't hardly stand this anymore!
    I agree!!! What posseses these POS's to hurt babies???

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    18 years old is way too young to be a dad. It's hard to be a dad with a newborn if you are mature but as a teenager? No way.

    It is obvious what happened. Baby wouldn't stop crying and he lost it.

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    "We all receive instruction in how to properly drive a car," said Hansen. "But nobody requires classes before you have a baby. It's very easy for frustration to turn to aggression. If you start getting frustrated, step away."


    "To reduce the abuse, Rogue Valley hospitals and community agencies have recently launched a new initiative, the "Period of Purple Crying" program. A 10-minute DVD is being shown to mothers of newborns at all three hospitals in Jackson County, explaining normal infant crying, offering ways to reduce stress related to the crying, and informing parents and caregivers of the dangers of shaking an infant.

    It was unknown if Jackson or his wife had watched the instructional DVD, Hecox said."

    And a sidebar to the article posted above:

    "Did you know? An estimated 1,200 to 1,400 children are injured or killed by shaking every year in the United States and the numbers of shaken baby incidents remain high in the Rogue Valley. Infants are at highest risk for shaking at 10 to 12 weeks of age, at about the time when crying reaches its peak, said Dr. Kerri Hecox, medical director for the Children's Advocacy Center.

    What you can do: Understand that crying is a normal developmental stage for infants and it will pass. Recognize when you are being frustrated by crying and know it is OK to set the baby down and walk away. Be sympathetic when parents express fatigue or frustration with their child's crying. Offer to assist with respite child care or help reduce stress for them by cooking meals or providing other support."

    One of the most desperately sad facts for me is that Medford DOES have a relief nursery developed through the tenacity and never-failing advocacy of a good friend of mine. Before I got sick, this was my "cause". So, this is in place. Why didn't this young man get help?

    Is it shame? Is it snapping? Is it being too much lost in the moment? Why?


    Everything I've begged for; the Relief Nursery, the hospital training video (although, I did notice they said that the DVD was shown to mothers--why not dads too?), the support system. It still failed and I'm darned depressed about it.

    And a baby girl's life, if not lost, is changed forever.

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    I agree that 18 is young. Unplanned pregnancies occur, though. Teens are not going to stop having sex. What do we want young couples to do? We, as older adults can't answer that question with any authority. Abortion is totally a woman's choice and cannot be compelled. Adoption is always a possibility but leaves lifelong wounds to both the birth parents and the child. The parents coming together and raising the child as a couple often seems the best choice, as long as older relatives step in to help.

    My husband and I had our first at 19 (after marrying at 17). We've gone on to have 14 and have never hurt an infant. We've walked away from a couple of cribs, though. One of our daughters gave birth at 18 and has a remarkable 7 year old. I don't necessarily agree that it's all about age as it is about personal coping skills. We read about older dads and moms who snap everyday. The mom who killed one of her twins this week was 31. It's not just age, it's temperament and personality and the ability to stay calm under intense pressure IMO.

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    Missizzy justthink of the many children who have been saved by your efforts. There are people in your area who have taken the help. This is so sad. You did more than most people to try and help innocent children. Sadly this young man didn't use those resources available to him.

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    It's not age. I have met 14 year old mothers that are wonderful parents, at least from the nurturing and caring angles. I have met 30 year old mothers that couldn't bond with anyone and couldn't nurture an eggplant.
    As far as I can tell, it's not age, economic status, marital status, sexual or religious orientation...in other words, there are no standard markers. That could be a blessing or a curse. If, for example only, we were able to say that 95% of children killed by a parent would be killed by their mother, that they would be white, between 16-23 and of middle to lower class with little support and a past history of abuse, we would all know who to follow home from the hospital. And the other 5% wouldn't stand a chance. No one would be looking, no matter how bad the signs.

    Missizzy - Sometimes we have to settle for just not knowing the good that we do as opposed to the times when our best isn't good enough. It's what happens when we fight against damn near insurmountable odds. And there is no choice but to keep fighting or to become jaded and then we are useless, with no more potential good to be done. It hurts when everything we work for still isn't enough, but there are many more instances that it was more than enough. We have to settle with that sometimes.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    I think there is a rule at our area hospitals that parents can't take their babies home from the hospital unless they have a properly belted carseat. I think they should make this DVD mandatory in order to take your baby home also...for mother and DAD (step-dad...whoever will be in the same home as the child). I'm sure there are some that would watch it and not get anything out of it but it would be worth a try.

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    UPDATE: Infant in 'good' condition

    MEDFORD, Ore. -- Nine-week-old Audrianna Eileen Jackson has been upgraded to "good" condition at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland Wednesday morning. Medford police say the baby's teen-age father put her in critical condition late Sunday.
    People at the hospital say Audrianna was in "fair" condition Tuesday night, but now upgraded to "good" condition.


    Prayers for baby Audrianna that she'll have full recovery.
    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
    ~~ Mother Theresa ~~

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    Rachel's thread - WS

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    I can't tell you all how much your kind and soothing words mean to me right now. My daughter just left and we looked at the MS photos together. She knows who this boy is. Nothing matches up with "what we thought we knew".

    not_my_kids and jnTexas--Thank you for the talking to. I needed that. Of course, I get it intellectually but I need to be reminded on a much more visceral level. I've worked so hard in this valley to bring about change. I've lobbied and written and spoken at every venue who will have me. Early intervention, visiting nursing programs, the relief nursery, new parent training, sponsoring and mentoring. I've felt so lessened by my illness which has side-lined me far before I was ready to retire. There's so much more work to be done and I lay here in this sorry bed when I'm needed to be out beating the bushes. I'm not done fighting. That's why it hurts.

    Texas Mist--I'd been so busy fielding calls from caring people who wanted to know if I was aware of this, I hadn't checked on Audrianna's condition. Thank you for that. There is hope. Bless that tiny one.

    The irony of all this is that our family is certified to foster children just like Audrianna....if God forbid....she has life-long disabilities from this abuse. We couldn't take a baby due to my illness but we have had teens who've had this abuse in their past.

    Darn it. I don't want to "settle" but you are all wise to advise me that, sometimes, it's the only choice we have.

    (((hugs from me to all of you)))

    And please keep the prayers and strong and healing thoughts pouring to Portland for Audrianna and her family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzybeth View Post
    I think there is a rule at our area hospitals that parents can't take their babies home from the hospital unless they have a properly belted carseat. I think they should make this DVD mandatory in order to take your baby home also...for mother and DAD (step-dad...whoever will be in the same home as the child). I'm sure there are some that would watch it and not get anything out of it but it would be worth a try.
    I agree. And they should be given a fridge magnet with a number to call when a parent isn't coping. They need to be able to reach out in that moment so that a professional can talk them through it, so they don't resort to violence or neglect.

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    im glad the baby is ok
    why didnt the cops shoot the dogs, or shoot at them to scare them off? im not standing around waiting for some baby abusers dogs to chew me to pieces.

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    kbl, the area where the kids live is pretty much the "low-rent" area of town. Lots of the late teens and twenty-somethings have pits in Medford. I'm a poodle and chihuahua girl myself but I'm not going to judge other people's choice of dog breed.

    I can assure you, though, that the dogs would have been dead if they slowed LE down. They got that baby and moved FAST. And in defense of dogs, in general, they typically go nuts when LE or the EMTs come barging in. The Dad called 911. I guess he didn't take the time to put the dogs out back or in the bedroom. That actually tells me that he most likely had his focus on the child. That's what I'm going to think tonight, anyway.

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    Okay, I'm really REALLY sorry to bring up an old thread, but I had a few comments to make.

    First, by all accounts, dad seemed HORRIFIED that he was able to hurt his baby so.

    Next, the dogs,

    -I have owned pits. They are AH-MAZING when properly socialzed, trained, and handled. If someone is coming to your door, you know how your dog is trained and if it will lunge or pursue a human or animal outside of the home, you MUST put that dog away. Pit or pekingese.

    -Maybe dad wasn't thinking, but it does sound to me like those dogs were a 6 out of 10 on an aggression scale. A cop could have made a wrong move and been hurt.

    All of this is just immaturity.

    And why I'm REALLY mad, and can NOT relate to immaturity:
    -Why didn't they shoot the dogs? Ew. That's a DISGUSTING thing to say. What we should be asking is WHY do we expect LE to SHOOT any bully breed the is located on a premises they may be entering? Are you aware of HOW MANY INNOCENT DOGS get shot because LE has this sick inability to control these situations WITHOUT killing an animal who NEWSFLASH did NOT shake a baby or in cases of raids was NOT participating in illegal activity. What in the world makes you think it's okay to just shoot a dog that's in your way? Protecting it's property as ANY DOG is likely to do. I'm sickened that we think we need to BLOW ANIMALS TO BITS in order to maintain order and justice. Maybe rethink WANTING LE to shoot animals. Or just cheer when they do. Maybe LE should be taught how to 10 second test a dog. Which is what I do in my HORRIBLE neighborhood. You give a dog 10 seconds, you can 99% of the time know what their reactions will be. If I see a dog who is stiffly wagging it's tail at my 10 pound pup, I would stop and access the dog, if it is continuing to look stressed I will turn around. If I were an LE officer in this situation (and I assume this IS what they did), I would maintain a dominate and non-threating body position, move backwards slowly with hands outstretched, moving the dogs from the door without stressing them out.

    OR YOU COULD JUST SHOOT THEM!!!!!!! Because that's the most kind and educated thing to say or do.

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