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    OR - Shaun Temple for sex trafficking of 18yo woman, Medford, 2009

    Oh, this guy is a piece of work. While he absconded, he'd post taunts on his MS. He is a total slimeball. He just happened to have the misfortune of showing up in my favorite local judge's courtroom. You don't tick Judge Mejia off. We've admired this judge for years, in the juvenile justice court, and were saddened to see him move over to the adult section. My DA friend keeps telling me that it's a "very good thing". I'm sure this won't shock many, but Shaun and his brother were charged with a hate crime a couple of years ago. I'll post a link to that article at the bottom of this post.

    Medford man heads to prison for forcing prostitution on girl


    A Medford man who compelled a teenage girl to perform sex acts for money and drugs was sentenced today to just over six years in prison.

    Shaun Patrick Temple, 24, pleaded guilty to two counts of compelling prostitution and was sentenced to 70 months for each. His sentences will run concurrently except for an addition six months tacked on by Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia for Temple's taunting behavior toward the victim during the plea hearing. The total sentence is 76 months.

    "That little wink and smile cost you half a year," Mejia said.........."

    A link to the earlier article about the hate crime:


    Brothers charged with hate crime

    "Two Medford men are in jail on hate-crime charges after what police say was a racially motivated attack Tuesday afternoon on two black teenagers walking in downtown Medford.

    Medford police arrested Shaun Patrick Temple, 21, and Kevin Kaleb Temple, 24, brothers who share a home in the 1100 block of Niantic Street in Medford, on charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, assault and intimidation after they reportedly shouted racial slurs and physically confronted the black teenagers after driving past them on Riverside Avenue. Intimidation charges apply when victims of crimes are targeted because of race, color, religion, country of origin or sexual orientation........."
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    Thought you'd enjoy seeing what a real "sexy" guy Shaun is:


    Tell me why sentences have to run concurrently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    Thought you'd enjoy seeing what a real "sexy" guy Shaun is:


    Tell me why sentences have to run concurrently?
    The concurrent sentences I don't know Iz. I hear ya.

    O.K. his mom is his hero because she taught him how to treat women? Whaaaaaaaaat? Poor little girl. See, this gets me. Some poor girl he paid? Paid with drugs? Then she's in court and he winks? That's serious problems there. Good for your Judge in tacking on them months for that. I saw one poor girl wrote on his Myspace "That's messed up. You need help. You were gonna come to my house? I'm glad you didn't".

    Somebody got a clue there.

    Meanwhile the hate crime. Iz, his Myspace page is filled with 50 Cent and Mariah Carey. So you just racially intimidate folks that aren't musicians. Plus the whole "faux" ganstah thing. All I can tell you is I guarantee this kid wouldn't last a DAY here in Philly. He'd be calling nobody names ethnically or otherwise. He'd have a cap in his azz.

    Hoping the young girl can get some help and that Sexy Shaun meets a nice friend locked up. I so hate hearing this about young girls. Breaks my heart. Again, his mom taught him how to treat women? Maybe he'll get some help while he's locked up as well.

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