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    Unhappy The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies

    WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – Doug Fieger, leader of the power pop band The Knack who sang on the 1979 hit "My Sharona," died Sunday. He was 57.

    Fieger, a Detroit-area native, died at his home in Woodland Hills near Los Angeles after battling cancer, according to The Knack's manager, Jake Hooker.

    Fieger battled cancer for six years. In 2006 he underwent surgery to remove two tumors from his brain.

    He is survived by a sister, Beth Falkenstein, and a brother, attorney Geoffrey Fieger of Southfield, Mich., who is best known for representing assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian.


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    Bless his heart.
    My sympathies go out to his family!
    His brother is Geoffrey Fieger the attorney.
    Love them both!
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    Love 80s music... Use to Love My Sharona...

    Prayers and wishes of comfort to his family and friends..

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    I offer my condolences to family & friends. Long battle he fought, bravo.

    RIP Doug...you made your mark in this life, in more ways than one.

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    I'm so sorry to hear of his passing....My Sharona is one of my all-time favorite songs. You just feel like dancing when you hear it (or at least I do!). It can elevate my mood instantly! What a great legacy to leave behind!

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    I was reading this a few minutes ago, right before the bell to dismiss class rang. I said, "Oh my gosh, the lead singer from The Knack died!" My students' reaction? "What's The Knack?" They're so young...

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