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    FL - Miami, HispMale 1373UMFL, 21-35, on bicycle, hit by car, Nov'89

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 1373UMFL



    Unidentified Hispanic Male

    * The victim was discovered on November 25, 1989 in Miami-Dade County, Florida

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: 21-35 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 5'6"; 144 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown eyes. Sparse mustache.
    * Clothing: Blue jeans, brown belt, high-top sneakers, blue shirt, and beige, sleeveless down jacket.
    * Dentals: Available
    * Fingerprints: Available

    Case History
    The victim was a bicyclist who was struck by a vehicle at 48th Street and S.W. 102nd Avenue.
    Decedent was riding a yellow/white "Hunter" bicycle.

    If you have any information about this case please contact:
    Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's Office
    Sandra Boyd
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

    Agency Case Number: PD: 588917
    ME: 1989-3357

    NCIC Number:


    How about Luis Hernando Reyes as a possible?



    • Height: 5'6" - Match
    • Weight: 152 - 8 lbs over UID weight.
    • Age: 23 - Within Range (21 - 35)
    • Ethnicity: Hispanic - Match
    • Timeframe: 15 Days
    • Both LHR and Doe were wearing blue jeans. LHR was wearing either a blue or grey sweatshirt. Doe was wearing a blue shirt.

    His nose looks a bit different. -- But who knows how accurate the sketch is? I noticed from the NamUs page that most of John Doe's teeth on the right side were knocked out in the accident (notated with a "P" for postmortem loss). If his teeth are that badly damaged, was his nose also too damaged to enable the artist to portray it accurately?

    There is no mention in NamUs of a triangular scar on the back of his left shoulder. And the artist's conception doesn't depict a "widow's peak" hairline.

    Of course, the big questions are how a mentally disabled person could get from New York to Miami in 15 days, is he too mentally disabled to ride a bicycle, and from where did he get the bicycle?

    Is this worth a shot?
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    I see some similarities but the nose and lips are definitly off. The widows peak you refer to from the photo, it may not be a widows peak, could be the way his hair is hanging down on his forehead but hard to tell, the photo is a bit blurry. Dates are good though. ******and i just gotta say, I cant believe how many people go missing from pyschiatric centers. Its almost scary to think about, that maybe creepers go there looking for prey. What other logical explanation is there? I dont know, I just read about that so often!!

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    Louis Reyes's page.

    Fingerprint info is available for him, but "elsewhere". So, not an automatic ruleout then?
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    Who was Walker County Jane Doe?

    John Doe - February 9, 1968 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread
    John Doe - October 31, 1967 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread

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