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    Possible Hilton accomplices

    I have seen it suggested that because of the length of time between kidnap and death, and the ages and description of some of the victims that Hilton could possibly have been selling some of his victims and then disposing of them. I met a man who went to High School with Hilton and is without doubt a Hilton Wannabe. He worships Hilton and carries crime scene photos around with him. He, for a time, until authorities had it shut down, posted a website in honor of Hilton. He's a definite Psycopath. He lives in Marble Hill where Hilton was seen just before Merdith's death.

    This begs the question: How many others could there be?

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    I personally do not believe he had any....he just seems too crazy to have been able to get along with an accomplice......
    that having been said, the man definitely has his fans, a sad and scary fact!

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    Yikes! That's terrifying! I never imagined anyone who would worship Hilton, but thanks for talking about it here.

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