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    FL - Train kills 3 teen girls crossing Florida bridge


    MELBOURNE, Fla. Three teenage girls crossing a bridge in central Florida were killed by a freight train as they desperately tried to get out of its way, and their helpless friend on the other side could only watch, police said Sunday.

    The girls and the fourth teenager, a boy, were hanging out in Melbourne's downtown area known for its shops and nightclubs when they decided to cross the trestle around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Lt. Curtis Barger said.

    "The male made it across the tracks, turned around, heard the train, saw it and yelled for them to run," Barger said. "He then told them to jump."

    The girls did not have enough time. Barger said all the teens were from the area, but their identities have not been released. That likely won't happen until Monday, after officials can compare dental records, he said......"

    more at link

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    So tragic. Life or death can be a matter of seconds.

    I wonder how high the bridge was that they didn't jump off the side, but, again, the time to think through choices or the idea there are choices is a matter of seconds.

    My prayers are with the families and the young man that witnessed this tragedy.

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    Vey sad, I had a friend her foot became stuck on the track, she was with her brother and boyfriend they tried to free her but was unable to. The boyfriend was also injured but survived. It bothers me to think of how scared she must have been, knowing she couldn't get her foot unstuck and the train coming.

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    I was sad to read that apparently it was a no trespaaing area and the kids were fooling around, seen to be taking photos of one another on tracks, etc...and train was signaling wildly with alarms and whistles...i think the kids just ran out of time and froze...one witness said it would have been a fairly easy jump to safety...

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