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    Australia - Darren Rolls for indecent exposure, Pakenham, Vic, 2010

    Darren Rolls admitted he's been exposing himself in public to kids since he was 14 years old.

    Rolls a Registered Sex Offender was busted when he was hiding in a bush near the school wearing some kind of skirt, and a g-string.

    He's got a wife who had no idea he was doing this and she's standing by him. Oh, good for her.

    From the article it looks like some Judge sentenced him several times then he kept getting out and well we know the score. Crazy! Terrorizing kids when all they want to do is go on the swings or slide. These people are now really, seriously working my last nerve. bad.

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    How disgusting and his wife enabling him in a way by standing up for him!

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    wife should be arrested for being an idiot

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    Right? She never knew he wore a G-string? Come on.

    Plus he'd been locked up. How'd she miss that? Still she believes him.

    I gotta look this guy up.

    My bad I am sorry his name is Darren Rolls and I can't look him up because this is in Australia. I was thinking what State is represented by an AU? I never paid attention in school. Obviously.

    Anyway he's a pervert. I wonder now how the Aussie's deal with this? By the looks of it like us. Letemout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filly View Post
    Anyway he's a pervert.
    I found this guy on an Australian Sex Offender website. It wouldn't let me copy/paste, but he is around the middle of the page.

    The offense(s) that got him put on the registry was like described in the article at the beginning (a few years old, but still a working link).
    He would basically hang out in parks or public places around children dressed as a woman. Then he'd show the kids that he "wasn't" a woman. That's sick. He shouldn't get by with no punishment.

    But he's obviously a mere (very strange) exhibitionist that never progressed to touching or fondling any of the kids he was "showing off" to. He just enjoyed that. What he did was traumatic to the kids in an "Oooh, gross! Look at that!" manner. Not the more severe, longer lasting trauma that rape or something similar would have caused. He's been to jail for it and is now on a list with child rapists/murderers.

    Sex Offender Registries are very important to warn parents of people like the child rapists, molesters and pimps that would put their children in grave danger. You wouldn't want that type of person to be your kid's camp counselor or Little League coach, etc. I think they should be reined in some (actually a lot), though.

    I know of a local retarded boy on the list for 10-yrs because he kissed a little girl on the cheek (no nudity, dirty talk or sex involved). A friend of mine's cousin is on the list because, just after he turned 18, the family of his 16-y/o girlfriend wanted to get him in trouble because they didn't like him. That was less than 2-yrs age difference.
    Yet both of these guys now have restrictions of where they can live, where they can work and must pay fees to be tracked each month.

    Neither is a danger to any man, woman or child in the general public. At least not in a sex-type way as they're now advertised.

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