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    Springers Spaniels Got Bounce

    Dog fell Off 300ft Cliff and Lived

    POPPY the Springer Spaniel lived up to her name after plummeting 300FT off a cliff — and SURVIVING after bouncing off a wave.

    The dog bolted after seeing a seagull circling over the drop and leapt at it not realising the fall below.

    But lucky Poppy was running so fast her momentum meant she cleared the rocks which would have killed her instantly and landed in the high tide.
    Lia Markwick and Stephen Winslade, who were walking Poppy as a favour to Lia's brother Ben and partner Kelly Ixer, were forced to lie down on the overhang and peer over in search for the pooch.

    They expected to see the dog lying dead, but instead saw her in the water heading back to the beach.

    They rang the coastguard who had a rescue boat out on exercise and raced to the cut off beach where they found her wagging her tail on the beach.

    She was soaked after hitting the water but had doggy paddled back to the safety of dry land below the cliffs at the Seven Sisters beauty spot in Seaford, East Sussex.


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    Wow so lucky!! just amazing

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    In Pennsylvania, but wishing she was some place else.
    I saw this story on the news today. The dog is so cute and very lucky. Hopefully, she wount be doing this again.

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    Oh, I'm so happy this dog survived! I've owned two Springer Spaniels in my life, both females. Great dogs.
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    Poppy is a VERY lucky dog. I am so happy she survived!

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    Bless Poppys sweet little bones! I have a part springer spaniel,they are adorable loving dogs.I'm so happy he made it safely.
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    with my loved ones..xoxox

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