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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    I hate to say it, but, it's Oklahoma. Not surprised. (No offense to any of our posters from OK, just to those in the state labs.) It seems that there are a lot of mistakes.

    That death certificate is ridiculous. They weren't even pretending to try.

    If I lived in OK, I'd be appalled that they let paramedics do the pronouncement.

    I looked it up after reading that in the story......I gather paramedics can do that in some other states and counties too. In Massachusetts, the pronouncement must be done by a doctor or RN (and RN's can only do the pronouncement if it is an expected death of a DNR patient. Any suspicious deaths or unattended deaths are an automatic medical examiner review/autopsy. It never occured to me that other areas would have lesser standards.

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    Among the families are Donna and Joe Turner. For 10 years they've been fighting the Oklahoma medical examiner's office to find out what really happened to their daughter Chanda. But after finally getting an autopsy last year, they're still struggling with the office over an incomplete and inaccurate death certificate.


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    Oklahoma parents offer $100,000 reward in quest to find killer (Daily Oklahoman)
    Chanda Turner was 23 when she was shot in the chest in 2000. Her death was ruled a suicide then,
    but new developments have led the Garvin County Sheriff's office to open an homicide investigation.

    with video

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    Whom did the gun belong to? I Listen to the radio broadcast from PBS. Great details about the crime scene. Diffinately does not sound like a suicide. Shot in the chest. Boyfriend heard nothing? In that area I assumed it would be quite in the late evening. Not sure how one would not hear the shot if there was no silence on the weapon. Any idea on the type of gun used? Murder to look like a suicide, that s why the gun was left there. Probably assumed it would be classified as suicide at the scene and no official autopsy would be perform or investigation to say other wise. Taken 10 years to finally make it murder. Wonder what the bf has been up to these last 12 years?
    Any one other than the parents perhaps claim any life insurance money? At twenty three she may had have some policy somewhere. That was the plan. Kill her make it look like suicide and tell the cops she was suicidal. They also mentioned blood was found inside.
    Would like to read more about this case. Ill check for sites online and see what I can find.


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    I went to school with this girl (she was quite a bit older than me) and my family has been acquainted with her family for generations. Praying for a resolution.

    Chanda's mom just shared this on Facebook and I thought it would be beneficial to share it here:
    All posts are my opinion and nothing more.

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    "Garvin County woman’s mysterious death being investigated by national cold case group"


    In 2012, the medical examiner ruled her death as “unknown,” and the case was reopened.

    But three years later, there are still no answers, and a national group is hoping to shine new light on the dark scene.

    Turner’s boyfriend is still the number one suspect, and cold case investigators tell us they’re close to presenting their theory of what happened to local law enforcement.

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    Crime Watch daily did a show on Chanda Turner's case:

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