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    Flight attendants fist fight on plane

    Flight attendants fist fight on plane
    'Pilot decided to kick everybody off the plane'
    Updated: Friday, 26 Feb 2010, 6:25 AM MST
    Published : Friday, 26 Feb 2010, 6:25 AM MST

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (CNN/YNN ROCHESTER) - Bad weather wasn't the only thing slowing travelers down Thursday in New York. Passengers on a Delta Connection flight out of Rochester were delayed after two female flight attendants got into a fight on board the plane.

    Dozens of frustrated passengers were forced off the flight and had to make alternative travel plans.

    "Apparently, they got into a fist fight on the plane and the pilot decided to kick everybody off the plane," said one air traveler. "They told us we had to get off the plane because stewardesses were fighting."

    Dozens of passengers on the Delta flight from Rochester to Atlanta were left to scramble to make other plans.

    "You had someone who was getting married and was supposed to be in Cancun. There was a couple that was supposed to be on a cruise ship. Non-refundable. They left crying," said another traveler.

    The flight was a Delta connector flight operated by Pinnacle Airlines. A spokesman for Pinnacle says the flight attendants will be kept off-duty, pending an investigation.

    "The acts described are not acceptable," said Joe Williams, a spokesman for Memphis-based Pinnacle.

    Hours after the flight, some passengers were till trying to find a way to get to where they had to go. But with a storm looming, some passengers said they knew there was a chance they'd be delayed, but not for this reason.

    A spokesman described the fight as a "little" argument that started as the plane was returning to the gate after a passenger complained of panic attacks.

    from cnn rochester/krqe.com

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    Oh geez...

    Don't most flights have more than just two attendants? Wouldn't it have been more productive to remove the fighting attendants,and make due with the other attendants? It seems that would be a lot better than disrupting a plane full of people.

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    well it's weird as it sounds as if they were already returning due to a panic attack by a passenger?
    anyway i guess they have to legally have a certain # of attendants on board, so they would have had to wait to get two replacements but boy, i would have been annoyed especially with the storms

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    Great googles... what the hey is wrong with people!

    I like it when I fly from SanFran to Hawaii, with American Airlines: the evening flight consists of attendants that are older ladies and when the flight doesn't have a lot of people, they sit in the back and do needlepoint during the down times. LoL No fist fighting...

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    And you know the fight was over something stupid like who's turn it was to refill the peanuts or unclog the toilet.

    ETA: I clicked on the link Adnoid posted and someone in that forum said "They were probably duking it out over the guy in the hotel last night."
    Last edited by Lexiintoronto; 02-27-2010 at 09:32 PM.

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    As stupid as this is, I would have liked to be a fly on that wall and see this...

    OMG, how dumb this must have been. Usually a fight is over a man, but this had to be over something like refilling something or helping a passenger..

    The pilot could have just used the other flight attendents and took the two idiots off and took the passengers to their destinations instead of grounding the plane. This is the worst part of the story. I would hate that to happen to me. Would be highly pisst off.


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    I've never had something that exciting happen on a flight, although once a drunk man (very drunk) put his shoes in the oven, in the back of the plane. He then complained at the end of the flight that he couldn't find his foot wear. Luckily the flight attendants found them for him.

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