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    FL - Mom Tries to Drown 2 Kids; Onlookers Save Them


    Late Friday, authorities responded to a 1-vehicle crash in Port Charlotte, FL. The 21-yr. old driver, a mother of two children (a 2 yr. old and a 9 mo. old), allegedly left the scene holding her children and walked to a retention pond.

    Upon being approached, she jumped into the water and held her children down. A Charlotte County corporal and two onlookers saved the children, who were said to have suffered no serious damage.

    The mother was hospitalized involuntarily for psychiatric evaluation under the Baker Act, and the kids were released in the care of their grandparents.

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    Thank heavens for those onlookers! I hope the mother gets psychiatric treatment.
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    No lie! I can't help but wonder if the crash was intentional, based upon her behavior immediately following it. As in, maybe she meant to do herself and the kids in with the crash itself, but it didn't pan out?

    Thank goodness there are grandparents in the picture who were willing and able to take the children. I really wonder what led to this.

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    I just hope they dont allow her to be alone with them EVER.

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    CCSO press release

    UPDATE on mom who tried to drown babies.

    Feb 27, 2010 -

    The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office released more information concerning the Sarasota mother who tried to drown her two babies in a Port Charlotte pond Friday evening. Three citizens came to the aid of CCSO K-9 Corporal Emmitt Merritt in saving the woman, her 2 year old and 9 month old baby.

    Brandon D. Porter, 29, of 1223 SW Melody Dr., Arcadia, called CCSO Dispatch concerning the car crash on Veterans Blvd. at Madaca Lane, in front of The Lakes of Tuscana apartments. Porter was with his girlfriend, Candice K. Schardt, 31, 1623 NW Magnolia, Arcadia. Porter continued on his cell phone talking to dispatch and as Cpl. Merritt arrived, they advised where the woman and her two children were by the pond. As Cpl. Merritt approached the woman, she ran into the pond with the kids and held them underwater saying she wanted to kill her children.

    Cpl. Merritt, assisted by apartment resident, Matthew T. Podbelski, 33, 24033 Madaca Lane, #12-205, both went into the pond after the woman. Cpl. Merritt and Podbelski rescued the children first and gave them to Schardt at the shoreline. Porter continued on his cell phone updating CCSO Central Dispatch advising of what was transpiring. Cpl. Merritt then brought the mother to shore and put her in a patrol car. The mother and her children were transported by Charlotte County EMS to a local hospital. CCSO Major Crimes Unit detectives responded and the Department of Children's and Family was notified. The children were released from the hospital and are now safe in the custody of their grandparents. MCU detectives said the Sarasota woman may face criminal charges of two counts of Attempted Murder, however, she was Baker Acted and transported to a crisis intervention center in Punta Gorda. (Her name and address are not being released at this time as per Florida Statue-119). The case remains open and the investigation continues, pending criminal charges upon her release.


    Thank goodness 3 citizens chose to get involved....bless them!
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    Oh thank god.........just thank god.

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    Where's the father of the children? Why would a mother try to drown her children after an accident? Leads me back to asking about the father.

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    I wonder if the accident was just her last straw.

    I am getting tired of hearing these things, guys.

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    March 2010:

    A Sarasota woman who authorities say tried to drown her two small children in a frigid Charlotte County pond while screaming, "I want to kill them!" was arrested Friday night and charged with attempted murder...

    Brittany Morgan Livingston, 21, who lives in the 3200 block of Nature Circle, had been in a Punta Gorda psychiatric hospital since the Feb. 26 incident. She was booked into the Charlotte County jail on two counts of attempted murder.

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    "She was fighting us by kicking, thrashing and screaming, attempting to hold the children under water," Merritt wrote in his report of the incident.

    All the while Livingston was screaming "No. No. I want to kill them!"...

    "I am sorry," Livingston said as Merritt placed her in a patrol car.

    But she did not stay calm for long.

    A few minutes later, when EMS technicians opened the patrol car to examine Livingston, she again flew into a rage, screaming and kicking.

    "All I wanted to do was kill my babies," she yelled. "I hate them. I want them to die. Just let me do one thing, kill my babies, and I will stop fighting."

    Livingston was strapped down to a stretcher and taken by the ambulance to an area hospital.

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