Ok, I was thinking this morning, and I thought this might be worthy of its own thread. Feel free to delete if you think I'm off base.

We know that EJ had a false ID. Do we know WHEN she got it? Could she have had it BEFORE she even went to SA? And if she already had it before she left for SA, could Gabe's disappearance have been planned under a false name as well?

Many adoptive parents change the first name of their child to really feel like they belong to them. Could Gabe's name have already been changed while still in AZ? We know that TS had Gabe at least 8 days, and bragged about how she was teaching him to crawl, etc. Could she also have been training Gabe to respond to a new name? Why did TS keep referring to Gabriel in interviews as "the baby" instead of by his name? Perhaps she didn't want to slip up with another name?

Do we know that HS's name was really H on her birth certificate? Or did TS and JS change that when they adopted her?

I don't know about other states, but in CA, in order for a parent to get a copy of their own child's birth certificate, a request has to be notarized. If other states are not as stringent, could TS (who has had a number of forgery charges, past and present) have doctored up someone else's birth certificate (such as H's) with a new name for Gabe?

Let's say Gabe's new name is Anthony Jones, for sake of argument. When TS contacted JM, could she have said "I have this baby named Anthony Jones who needs help?" Then if all the paperwork that EJ might have filled out in SA had the name "Anthony Jones" on it, no one would think that he was really Gabe.

AND, if anyone that TS, JM, or EJ contracted to take Gabriel, they may NOT realize who they really have.

Just a thought, but with all the shelters and agencies around the general area of the laundromat, I can't believe that they would keep hiding him with all this publicity unless they know him by another name and haven't made the connection.

Just a thought....