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    Apple pie brings down major WalMart theft operation

    From the Stupid Crook files:

    Walmart Theft Op Ends When Suspect Tries To Steal Pie

    By Donna Willis | Multimedia Content Producer
    Published: March 4, 2010

    EATON, OhioóPolice recently arrested seven people in what officers say was a major theft operation taking place at numerous Walmart stores.

    Police said one member of the theft operation went into a Walmart, loaded a shopping cart with big-ticket items, paid for them and wheeled them out of the store.

    The shopper then handed the receipt for the paid items to another member who loaded a shopping cart with those same items and walked out the door without paying, showing door security the receipt from the previous memberís purchase, police said.

    Next, the crew would go to another Walmart store and return one of the sets of stolen items for a gift card. That gift card was used to purchase another cartload of items that was returned for cash, according to police.

    Police found out about the operation when one of the members became hungry and attempted to shoplift an apple pie.

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    crime stopping.......as american as apple pie

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    Thank you, I needed to laugh!
    "Iím gonna miss that smile
    Iím gonna miss you my friend
    Even though it hurts the way it ended up
    Iíd do it all again
    So play it sweet in heaven
    ĎCause thatís right where you wana be
    Iím not crying because I feel so sorry for you
    Iím crying for me"

    ~ Toby Keith, Cryin' for Me/Wayman's Song

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