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    deep in the countryside of northern Alabama
    Each time my daughter talked about animals and her intense and deep love for them, my mind drifted off to Amber, wishing that she might soon be brought home so that she can finally rest in peace with the angels.

    It occurred to me this evening that Amber has been at peace this whole time, tending to one of God's little lamb's instead of the one she was supposed to care for here on earth. My wish for peace will now be for her mother and father and all of those that love her. Thank you God for their miracle.
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    Terrible terrible news, I just found out. Thank God her family no longer has to wonder where she is and what is happening to her and know that she is finally at peace.

    I always felt so strongly that she was being held against her will and was still alive.
    I guess I was wrong and I hope she did not suffer long and that the b..stard gets what is coming to them.

    RIP dear sweet Amber, prayers to your family and loved ones.
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    Amber - I am so glad you are on your way home, back to all those that love you and have missed you so dearly.

    My prayers are with your family as they prepare to welcome you home and lay you to eternal rest. May your beautiful spirit comfort them in this time of harsh emotions and grief.


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    For Amber's parents, family and friends, Every time I saw her picture and those beautiful blue eyes and those darling freckles, my heart was filled with hope and faith for you. Your sweet girl is home now- she is a beautiful star-just like her Gran wrote...

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    My heart dropped when I read the Breaking News announcement.

    Rest in peace, Amber.

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    I went to CA to look for a missing young girl named Amber - it didn't take long before I realized that she was a very special young lady. Besides being very talented with her writings and drawings, I learned she had a very special 'way' with animals. How I wished that she could have been found those August days that I searched, because I would have loved for her to have met my dog which I know she would have loved.

    Amber's wonderful family have suffered such a loss of this vibrant young soul ... but heaven has another Angel.

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    My heart breaks for this family. I can only hope that "knowing" brings some peace to them.

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    Condolences to the family

    Anyone who wants to send sympathy to Amber's parents:

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    I feel so sorry for not only Amber's family but also for Amber. We as a society failed to keep her safe. Every child deserves to be safe, it is their birthright.

    Amber is at peace now, she knows her family has answers they so desperately needed.

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    Im so sadden, no words right now, only tears.

    RIP Sweet Amber
    The World Has Gone Mad.

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    She's home.
    G-d bless you, dear Amber.

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    Vigil for Amber

    There will be a candlelight vigil for Amber tomorrow evening, Monday, March 8th at 6:30 PM

    Escondido High School
    1535 N. Broadway
    Escondido, CA
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    May you now rest in peace sweet girl, and thank you Lord for letting her be found, although we may not know why you allow things like this to happen may we all have peace in knowing one of your angels is home safe in your loving arms. Please comfort those who knew Amber as well as those who have selflessly searched for her and have never given up hope. Amen

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    My deepest heartfelt condolences go out to Amber's family and friends. I will continue to light a candle for Amber, may she rest in peace and may you find comfort in your precious memories. She has touched many lives.

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    I have to say I am really struggling with this, so I cannot imagine how devastated her friends and family are. On a personal note, how dare a predator think that he has the right to snuff out such an incredibly promising life for his own impulses.

    I have no words to convey my thoughts and feelings adequately-I hope that Amber's loved ones get through this very, very dark time.
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