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    AL - Calhoun Co., Body Found in Ohatchee Creek, Mar'10 - Melody Evans

    Police aren't sure yet if it's male or female. However, they are looking into the cases of three missing women from the area.

    I just can't get the link to work. Thanks babydust for providing one in the following post.
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    couldnt get link to work

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    Update after yesterday's press conference:


    "Brown said the body, discovered by teenagers who were fishing Saturday in Ohatchee Creek, probably has been exposed to the elements for several months, and is 80 to 85 percent skeletonized. However, enough tissue for DNA testing may have survived decomposition, he said."

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    Authorities Thursday morning positively identified a the remains of a body found last weekend in the Peeks Hill community as Melody Evans, 42, of Jacksonville.

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    OK, another one found in AL.. New thread for this?

    ETA: There is a thread on the latest UID

    AL - Skeletal Remains found in Opelika - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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