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    Threadiquette - Ask your questions here

    The threads should be topic specific and we should all try and stay on topic as much as possible.
    Because there were general discussion threads open, there is confusion where to post things.
    If we keep the threads more focused that confusion will disappear.
    If you have a thread called The Smiths it doesn't tell anyone what belongs on it.

    if you have a thought about something, look and see if it is being discussed. if it is ,bump that thread and continue discussion there. Don't start a thread just to ask a single yes or no question. Look and see if your question fits into a topic. if you have a new topic idea and it is not being discussed go ahead and start a new thread. be sure to search first.

    Please don't post the same thing on 2 threads. I know it may have overlap and can go on two threads, but please pick the best one or we have parallel discussions going on.

    Think about being able to retirve information at trial or as new developments come up. It is hard to isolate discussion in a general discussion or broad topic thread, but it is easy to find a specific topic and update it with information.

    You will get into a groove before you know it and follow the lead of posters that have been here a but longer.They can be very helpful and provide guidance if you are unsure.

    Thank you! the goal is to be able to discuss every aspect of the case and devote threads to those apsects.

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    Regarding facebook,twitter, and myspace you can link but do not cut and paste. But the goal is to really only link to those that are directly linked to a case.

    IOW, we don't want to post to someone's mother, brother, employer, milkman , or postal carrier just because they know the main player. It just gets too invasive and half the time we are not even sure it is the right person. When a post starts out, I found 5 people with this name do you you think any of these are [insert person here]? that is not a good thing.
    It will often be up to mod discretion as to who can and cannot be linked, but the general rule of thumb is if they are named in the media specifically as having some role or are being questioned or have information then you are probably safe to link. No screen caps and no cutting and pasting. If a social media is set to private and you get in the back way and post what you see, that is not a good thing!Private means private.
    Just imagine it is you if you cannot decide and you shoulod be able to figure out if it is ok.
    You are free to discuss what you may come upon,but if it is just a lot of gossip and rumor it won't fly. People open facebook accounts and post whatever they want and to carry that as some sort of inside info is careless. but, sometimes there is really valuable information that may even come into evidence as in the Caylee Anthony case.So, if you know for a fact it is the right person and they are named outright in the msm as someone linked to the case it should be fine. IF IT IS A MINOR DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!
    If something was posted as public and then removed you might be able to post it, it is up to te mod of the forum and it depends on who, what, when and where.
    The mods are listed at the bottom right of the forum under the index, they can generally help. If not, they will ask admin for guidance and we will all decide what is best.

    Generally we try not to invade everyone's privacy and if the linked information has no bearing on anything, then leave it out.

    We moderate here. Some people love it and some people hate it. Up to you to stay or go, choice is yours. Complaining about our rules doesn't help. if you have a suggestion or think of a better way, bring it on! We are far from perfect and welcome your input as long as it is civil and basically polite.
    More later.

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    >> is it okay for me to post something I think is against the rules and just put 'a mod can delete it if it's against the rules'?<<
    This right here will get you a time out.
    We don't read every post
    If people are giving you some advice, they probably are trying to save you a TO. It is up to you to know the rules. We try and let each poster know what is going on when they screw up, but sometimes it is just too much and the mods can't be sending everyone a personal run down on the rules. PLEASE ALERT on an offending post or one that is breaking the rules. Don't quote it and carry it through the thread. the thread will end up pulled for review until a moderator can get to cleaning it up. The more time it takes the longer the thread with all your hard work will be gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    JBean, whenever you wander back through...would you rather that the "regulars" remind the newbies of the rules or that we back off? It can be a little difficult to keep track of everything, especially since the rules are a bit fluid. (That's not a bad thing, but it takes a while for the word to get around when they change.)
    good question. If the old timers want to politely let the newbies know when they have broken one of the mechanical type rules as we are talking about here,(copyright, linking to "bad sites,etc) then that is helpful. But when it gets into admonishing one another then it gets a little annoying. It is bad enough to have mods breathing down your neck, but throw a few hundred posters on that and it is a little much.

    If you see that one older poster has let someone know that they broken one of the fluid, mechanical-procedural type rules we probably don't need 10 people telling that person as well.

    BIG BIG Exception to this is if you see rude,OT, namecalling, hostile,trollish,attacking,argumentative type rule breaking. Those types of a posts should be alerted on (little triangle in the top right corner of each post) and not addressed in any way at all by other members. Those are vacationing type posts and you should alert, ignore and scroll right by. If you tell someone you are going to ignore them or that they are being rude or otherwise attack them back , you may find yourself on a no expenses paid vacation as well.

    Does that help?

    ETA: Regarding alerts. The alerts go to the moderators mailboxes. They are not online all the time. So, if time goes by and the offensive post is not acted upon, it may be because no one has been online to look at it yet. please don't threaten us in the alert text box about what you will do if we don't do what you want immediately; and don't alert on the same post over and over. We all volunteer and do the best we can. thanks.

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    I've copied this from another forum because I know some posters are confused about some of the housekeeping rules on Websleuths. JBean has started these threads in new forums and even as a mod I've learned from them.

    Go ahead and ask your questions here. I'll put this in the sticky forum once some initial queries have been answered.

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    Kimster what should we do if we want to respond to an off topic post? I don't like moving peeps posts around, could you advise if there is a better way? TIA. I think you work so very hard, thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elle1919 View Post
    Kimster what should we do if we want to respond to an off topic post? I don't like moving peeps posts around, could you advise if there is a better way? TIA. I think you work so very hard, thank you.
    If we can get the huge number of off topic posts down to just a few here and there, I can move them to the right threads without any problem and I don't mind doing that. You can use your alert button and say "please move post" or send me a PM and ask me to move it. There isn't an issue when it happens once in awhile.

    When the number of off topic posts take the time of a full time job to move where they belong, then it is an issue.

    Thanks for the question!

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