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    Coincidence, hinky, or just bad luck? Alleged Anthony Affair(s)

    As there has been much speculation recently regarding GA's alleged affair yand what is setting off people's hinky-meters. Basically, just a way to list and discuss what this recent news sparked in the way of putting things in the ponder and question when they can't quite put their finger in it.


    1) River C. looks much like Zanny description
    2) Zenaida sounds like Benheida (River's sister's last name)
    3) Why the silence from team Anthony?
    4) Is this the info SA wanted to keep silent until they had a chance to investigate?
    5) Is this related to info LE & SA got from DC? (ie: bat phone numbers)

    Mods if this is not the appropriate title or borders on something wrong, please delete - and I am not trying to cause trouble (honest).

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    LOL no such luck. Sorry wenwe4 but no possible chance of having more than one thread on this topic.

    Also:Please make sure everyone reads the posting rules on the existing thread in the OP prior to posting in. No warnings will be given.
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    Thanks for your understanding.
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