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    Roads Ranked by State: Best, Deadliest by DUI, Speeding & More

    "Kansas has the best roads, Louisiana the worst...Montana has the deadliest roads, Montana also has the deadliest roads for DUI, while Alabama has the deadliest roads for speeding."

    "To quantify how America’s roads and drivers are doing, we factored in the latest data for spending, congestion, road and bridge condition, and safety to see how our states rate. Here’s what you, your legislators, and your local highway officials can do to fix things and how you can stay alive while you drive."



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    WOOHOO!! GO MN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 2nd least deadliest state! I'm so proud!

    I don't get how Montana is #1 deadliest yet CA is is practically in the bottom 10. Montana has a population of less than 1M while CA has a pop of nearly 37M. Doesn't make sense.

    Weaving in and out of traffic doesn't really get you to where you're going any faster.
    Would you rather be 5 minutes late, or speed and increase the chance of an accident where you could potentially kill another person?

    I've never went faster than 70MPH.
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