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    Brad Cooper seeks more evidence from the state

    From WRAL.com:


    Attorneys for a Cary man charged with killing his wife nearly two years ago told a judge Monday that they need more discovery evidence from the state to prepare for their client's murder trial....

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    "Wake County Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings said he does not know what is on the computer and flash drive because he has not seen it."

    Huh? After 18 months, the DA's office has not seen the results of the computer searches

    The motion also implies that Nancy Cooper had multiple extramarital affairs and that, at one point, Cary police investigated whether she might have looked for relationships with men online.
    "They believed that there was the possibility that this was Nancy Cooper reaching out for relationships," Kurtz said.

    Looks like their plan is to muck up the victim and blame her for her own demise.

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    I see old Brad and his attorney are up to their old tricks. Trying to make Nancy the bad guy. Even Brad's minion friends are running amock on the WRAL website.

    People just don't learn. Guess you really can't teach an old dog new tricks. The public at large can see what they're doing and won't like it. It'll also just give a jury more of an insight into the true Brad Cooper..........controlling, manipulative, liar, and just plain angry and mean person.

    His momma must be so proud!


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    If they are filing motions for discovery, why do they not have this information already. I am sensing a trial delay.

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    Looks like their plan is to muck up the victim and blame her for her own demise.
    I long-ago joked the defense might try to follow the 'OJ' trial plan. Looks like they really are going there. Can bad rhyming be far behind?

    And I too am surprised the ADA is claiming no knowledge of what's on the computer or flash drive.

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