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    Old woman must prove she's infertile

    A 71-year-old woman has had to prove she wasn't pregnant so she could remarry following her husband's death.

    Ana Celis's former husband died in May and she wanted to marry her new boyfriend, 80-year-old Alberto Gallardo.

    But Chilean law says every widow should wait at least seven months before remarrying to make sure she's not pregnant by her previous husband.

    Mrs Celis had to get a statement from her doctor saying she'd not been fertile for many years.

    Mr Gallardo told Las Ultimas Noticias: "Since I'm 80 I wanted to marry her as soon as possible so that she would not be left helpless in case I died."


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    And you thought some of the laws around here were silly!
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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