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    Trapped’ by police, woman calls 911

    Carly A. Houston was taken to the Naperville police station over the weekend, after she allegedly became embroiled in a heated, early morning dispute with a taxicab driver.
    A police officer dutifully supplied the 29-year-old Chicago woman with a telephone, instructing her she could make one call to find a relative or friend who could come to the station to post her bail.

    I am just at a loss for words here.

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    It seems she needs some help, and on the comments of the article if it is the same girl she lost her boyfriend last year. Not saying it gives her any reason for her behavior.

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    Sounds like she needs some help, but its still pretty funny.

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    I don't think it's funny.

    I think she's mentally ill and since she threatened harm to another, she should have been held for evaluation. She seems to be suffering and needs help, not public shame & ridicule.

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    I am assuming she was drunk. I didn't see anything in the article to say she was mentally ill or intoxicated. I guess we can draw our own conclusions but her mug shot leads me to belive she was on something.
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