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    IA - 5-mo old Baby Suffers Fractured Skull, Broken Neck After Father Shakes Him

    DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines father has been charged with child endangerment after his son suffered severe injuries, police said Friday.

    Paul Davis, 18, was arrested and charged after his 5-month-old son, Christopher, was brought to Mercy Medical Center emergency room on Thursday.

    Police said Christopher had a fractured skull, broken neck, subdural hematomas to the head and multiple bruises on his body.
    Davis told police that he and his wife, Kayla Phipps-Davis, 16, got into an argument in the home. Kayla left the home to take a walk.

    Davis said the baby was crying as he sat in his swing. He said he “snatched the baby” out of the swing and threw the baby in his crib. He said he then grabbed the child from out of the crib and shook him in an attempt to keep him awake until he fell limp.

    more here


    Either those "Never, never shake a baby" commercials aren't working.or they're not played enough.

    Poor little Christopher....has an azzhole for a dad.

    I hope Christopher never has to be w/ this monster again....glad the state has custody now. ( http://www.whotv.com/news/who-story-...,1718789.story )
    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
    ~~ Mother Theresa ~~

    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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    given the injuries i dont think custody matters


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    The Purple Crying Curriculum

    An excellent overview:


    This movement is growing and deserves our support. Every single human being who cares for an infant should see this video. I think it should be required curriculum from about 4th grade on. Who knows how many older sibs and child relatives shake the baby?

    Obviously, baby-shaking has been going on since the dawn of time but here's a way to combat it. Check your local hospitals and schools and see if it's available and required. See if there's a way to donate to the program.

    I don't believe that every person who shakes a baby is a monster. They commit a monstrous act in a matter of seconds. I'm a good mom but I can't say I haven't had that visceral temptation many times. It's not even a conscious thought. It's a reaction of sudden rage and frustration and exhaustion.


    Fathers Participate in PURPLE Crying Curriculum

    "Research shows that fathers are more likely to be perpetrators in Shaken Baby Syndrome, so we wanted to address that," says Stone. "We have a ‘Boot Camp for New Dads' that is a men-only environment, where trainers incorporate the PURPLE Crying curriculum."

    A great blog by a Dad:


    "It is important for parents to realize that it is absolutely normal for babies to go through a period of increased crying. There is even a name for it. It is called the Period of Purple Crying. Once parents know that the Period of Purple Crying exists, it helps them to deal with it a lot better. The Period of Purple Crying also helps parents to understand that it is okay for your baby to cry, and an inability to calm your baby doesn’t make you a bad parent. It also doesn’t mean that your child is abnormal or unhealthy."

    This blogger goes on to explain how what the "Purple" means. How can we get this info out to all young people?

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    i always thought self control was the way to combat it

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbl8201 View Post
    i always thought self control was the way to combat it
    You're right, but you'd be amazed at the number of people that after having an infant cry incessantly for hours on end and you do everything to try and help and they keep crying want to just shake the baby.

    Colic. Ear infections. You call a Doctor. They tell you one thing. baby cries for three more hours. You walk and walk inside and out in the coach. You put the baby in the car seat and go for a ride. You put on the vacumn cleaner. All those old wives tales. Still your baby cries. Do that from 5:00AM until 3:00PM and trust me you just hold your ears.

    The thing to do is put the baby down. Place the baby gently in the crib. Walk away. Breathe. Turn Queen Oprah up for ten minutes. Breathe. Give yourself a few minutes. Return to your precious baby and start again. Of course this is if you have no help. It's FINE to ask for help from family.

    Ach, another rant from the Filly. My DD did this for months with the colic and the ear infections. I'd take her and they'd say "Oh it's bilateral infection. Lord, it ugly red". Get an antibiotic. Some medicine I forget what it's called that's drops for the pain. Three days later you got the crying all over again. What the he*l is IT? Go back to pediatrician and sure enough the dang antibiotic didn't work. A screaming infant on a bus is always a joy as well and you feel wonderful when you haven't slept a wink in days and are dirty.

    In no way am I excusing this A*s of a guy. He was mad at the mother and punished her the best way he knew how. Hurt her baby. Obviously he's just a sperm donor. Somebody ought to shake him till his neck breaks.

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    What a piece of work. I hope he's telling the truth about the baby being okay.

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