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    Ex-Scientology lawsuits reveal elite Sea Org group

    SAN JACINTO, Calif. At the edge of arid foothills far outside Los Angeles, hundreds of Scientology followers live on a gated, 500-acre campus and work long hours for almost no pay reproducing the works of founder L. Ron Hubbard and creating the church's teaching and promotional materials.

    The church says its 5,000 so-called Sea Organization members are religious devotees akin to monks who are exempt from wage requirements and overtime. But two lawsuits filed by two former Sea Org members, as they are known, allege the workers are little more than slave laborers, forced to work 100-hour weeks for pennies and threatened with manual labor if they cause trouble.


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    Dark Knight - thankd for posting this. A few years ago Rolling Stone Magazine sent one of their reporters into the ranks of scientology to do an indepth report. I still have the article, which was an expose. The author stated it was an article aimed at the truth, whatever that turned out to be. It turned out to be not so flattering to Scientology. I learned more about Scientology from that article than from anywhere else. The Sea Org was covered in that article, and all I can say is that one must read it to truly get a good idea of what being Scientology member is really like.
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    Here is a link to the excellent Rolling Stone article:


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    Like we didn't already know.

    (Not meant directed at anyone here!)
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    Thank you very much for posting that article...I found it very informative and well written.
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    Is anyone watching Anderson Cooper's series on the CoS this week? Very interesting, and of course, there's AC to look at.

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